Black Sand Rejuvenation at Royal Purnama

For centuries, Balinese people have utilised the black volcanic beach sand heated by the sun and mineralised by the ocean as a healing remedy. In order to honour the ancient remedies, Royal Purnama introduces Black Sand Full Body Rejuvenation to indulge guests with an intuitive touch and curative signature therapies equal with the mystery and

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Tibetan Sound Healing in Heavenly Spa

To inspire and engage healthy lifestyle seekers, Heavenly Spa by Westin™ has just announced the launch of Tibetan Sound Healing Meditation. Conducted by Jitendra Pokhriyal, a resident Wellness Specialist at The Westin Resort Nusa Dua, this mediation promotes relaxation, balances both hemispheres of the brain and improves sleep quality. During this session, a specially crafted

A Healing Hand: Bali Organisations Improving Health on the Island

Underneath the glamorous life of Bali, there is another layer of this island that many of us are not aware of or decide to ignore; the enormous scale of poverty. Extreme poverty forces these unfortunate people to struggle with daily life, even down to the most basic food necessities. It is not easy to find

Natural Healing: A Magnificent Magnesium Massage

We all like to stay healthy and we are lucky to live at a time when new discoveries are being made almost daily. And we are all looking for miracles. One of the top trending new health miracles is magnesium or to be precise, magnesium oil. Most of us are magnesium deficient without even realising

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