We all like to stay healthy and we are lucky to live at a time when new discoveries are being made almost daily. And we are all looking for miracles. One of the top trending new health miracles is magnesium or to be precise, magnesium oil. Most of us are magnesium deficient without even realising it, yet our body needs it so badly, it is such a critical element, that our blood will do anything to keep it in the system, even to the extent of leaching it from our cells.

 Magnificent Magnesium (1)

Even huge meals of kale salads and walnuts (two major sources of the mineral) may not be enough to restore the balance, but the good news is that magnesium oil works a treat. Absorption is maximised.

The benefits of this magical oil are numerous. It relieves muscles after too much exercise, stop cramps and can help you to sleep better. It can lower blood pressure and thus relieve tension. It even helps to control diabetes mellitus.

Anti-agers will be happy to know that a little oil sprayed on your face helps to tighten the skin and more, it helps to balance our hormones. Migraine sufferers will be happy to know that magnesium is the best cure for headaches whether taken internally or applied on the forehead. It also strengthens teeth and bones.

A magnesium deficiency, which most of us have, by the way, causes many complaints and leads to a general lack of wellbeing with over 800 bodily functions being out of kilter.

Here is a list of some of them :

–  Tinnitus
–  Migraines
–  Arthritis
–  Gout
–  Restless Leg Syndrome
–  Fibromyalgia
–  Adrenal fatigue
–  Irritable Bowel
–  Osteoporosis
–  Constipation
–  Insomnia
–  Proton Pump Inhibitors
–  Crohns Disease
–  Insulin Resistance
–  Sleeplessness
–  Period cramps/PMS
–  Heart Palpitations
–  Bad short-term memory
–  Fuzzy thinking
–  Thyroid problems
–  Numbness and tingling
–  Metabolic Syndrome
–  Sore, stiff muscles
–  Irritable bladder

The magical oil restores balance to the body and mind. The best way to access the benefits is through the oil. When we take it as an oral supplement it does not absorb well and it requires a large amount to get much effect, while the oil, on the other hand, is absorbed straight into our system without needing to be filtered through the body’s many processes.

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Ubud’s Taksu Spa have created a delightful reflexology treatment using magnesium and I can only vouch for its effectiveness. Not only is it relaxing to lie comfortably in the garden setting, having your feet and legs worked on, but you can almost feel the magnesium oil they use working its magic. At the very least it’s relaxing and at the best it is also very healing. The oil they use absorbs directly into the skin, maximising its effectiveness. Then it’s nice to sit around relaxing with a coffee, or even a healthy meal from their creative kitchen staff.

Taksu should soon have extra supplies to sell and you may need to hunt around to find it, but it is worth the search, trust me.  As its popularity grows, we can expect to soon find on the shelves of every alternative health shop and even pharmacies.