Meditation : Do We Really Need To?

From Rishikesh to Lhasa, from LA to Ubud, Meditation is the rage.  Those who don’t actually get down to it, can talk about it, which is almost the same thing! From the Tibetan lamas who spend their lives in a semi meditative state, to those who dabble now and then, meditation is the key.  Said

Ayu Sekar

Peppers and Spice – and All Things Nice

“You must try Peppers” they said. “Its fabulous!” So try it I did. Arriving hot and discombobulated after a baby Gojek driver from Flores took me all over south Bali, I was in serious need of soothing. Even though I was late for my appointment, they handled me with gracious aplomb and led me into

Tibetan Sound Healing in Heavenly Spa

To inspire and engage healthy lifestyle seekers, Heavenly Spa by Westin™ has just announced the launch of Tibetan Sound Healing Meditation. Conducted by Jitendra Pokhriyal, a resident Wellness Specialist at The Westin Resort Nusa Dua, this mediation promotes relaxation, balances both hemispheres of the brain and improves sleep quality. During this session, a specially crafted

Touring Tabanan: Lakes, Rice Fields and Botanical Gardens

The green belt of Bali, Tabanan is just the place to go if you long for tranquility and relaxation – and if you would like to experience Bali in its own special and traditional nature. This beautifully landscaped regency is divided into a series of environments. The lowlands are covered with rice fields, while the

Rejuvie Bali: An Uplifting Experience

Bali is full of surprises with always something new and exciting to discover. Not only is there great entertainment, great food, fabulous beaches, wonderful hotels, relaxing massages, but there are also beauty clinics dotted all around Denpasar and  out to Seminyak.  One can get plenty of life enhancing and face enhancing things done while here

Spa Schools in Bali

Spa services are part of the expanding tourism industry on the island, and therefore it is essential to learn the right skillsets to provide the best services to customers. The spa schools in Bali encourage and educate the right thinking for spa aesthetics, massage and wellness training to its students. These courses are basically fun

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