Connoisseurs of Japanese cuisine will be ecstatic to know that Padma Resort Legian’s popular Japanese dining outlet has been revamped – now known as Tenkai Japanese Nikkei Restaurant – offering an exquisite mix of Peruvian Japanese cuisine, famously known as Japanese Nikkei.

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Nestled within Padma Resort Legian’s expansive 6.8-hectare grounds, Tenkai Japanese Nikkei Restaurant has been renowned for its exquisite traditional Japanese cuisine and Teppanyaki for many years, making it one of the most beloved dining destinations tucked amidst the beachfront resort’s beautifully manicured gardens. The restaurant has recently undergone a revamp with an elevated concept, together with the appointment of new Executive Sous Chef, Sandro Medrano, and has now introduced the delicious and unique Japanese Nikkei cuisine.

The term Nikkei is the name that is traditionally given to Japanese people living in Peru and much like migrant workers anywhere, they’ve had to learn to adapt to a whole new array of dishes and ingredients. The continuously-evolving results see the clean preparation and presentation Japanese cuisine is notable for, paired with the rich sour and spicy Peruvian flavours. Thus, innovating new but familiar dishes based on the ingredients available including seafood, corn, cassava and quinoa.

Born and raised in Lima, the sprawling capital of Peru, Chef Sandro has perfected his craft from his countless experiences working across the globe. His introduction to the culinary arts and passion for cooking first began in his native country, when he used to help his mother prepare and cook traditional Peruvian dishes in their home kitchen. Chef Sandro’s love and enthusiasm for Japanese cuisine extend beyond Nikkei cuisine, he is also proficient in Japanese fine dining and omakase.

With his new post at Tenkai, diners can discover truly delectable and unique Nikkei creations, including ceviches, nigiris Nikkei, robata Anticuchos, Tiraditos, and Tenkai’s signature such as Sake Misoyu, Nikuseco, and so much more. Every dish offered is prepared using locally sourced ingredients from Bali, complemented by fantastic beverage offerings including sake and shochu, signature cocktails and premium wine with the Coravin system to preserve wine quality. In addition to the latest Japanese Nikkei menu, the restaurant still offers its long-standing popular Teppanyaki, at the restaurant and by the pool.

Tenkai Japanese Nikkei Restaurant is open daily from 6pm to 11pm. Diners can book between two slots for the Teppanyaki dinner with the 1st seating from 6pm to 8pm and the 2nd seating from 8.15pm to finish. The restaurant can accommodate up to 73 pax.

For more information or reservations, please call +62 361 752 111 or email

Tenkai Japanese Nikkei Restaurant
Padma Resort Legian
Jl. Padma No. 1, Legian
+62 361 752 111

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