The Music of Movies: Soundtracks that Make the Movie

Songs and sounds are often overlooked in a movie, when in fact these are key components to the concoction. Beyond the dynamics of excellent actor-director pairings, there is the sonic experience that film directors immerse themselves into, where epic collaborations with sound designers take place. Huge names in film like Gus Van Sant and Studio

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The Quarantini : A Cocktail for Covid Times

For cocktail fans, mixing up a drink during social isolation or lockdown has been a go-to stress reducer. One cocktail has become popular among mixologists and bartenders as of late, inspired by the pandemic, made for those living through it: The Quarantini ! Article originally published on by Rintang Azhar The drink’s popularity has

Musical Films - La La Land 2

Sing-A-Long: Best Musical Films of the 21st Century

Musical films have been around since the 1920s, a genre featuring songs belted out by the characters that are interlaced into the narrative. From the birth of sound to the arrival of jukebox musicals, the musical film genre has always been popular throughout the decades, birthing iconic classics including The Wizard of Oz, Singin’ in

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From the Pages to the Screen: Best Film Adaptations Based on Books

Films take inspiration from countless sources and subjects. It could be inspired by actual events, songs, plays, art or even video games. However, books are oftentimes the most frequently utilised medium for cinematic inspiration. Sometimes film adaptations can be a double-edged sword, you never know what the outcome of adapting a great book to the

5 Podcasts To Help You Maintain your Mental Health

Podcasts are the latest trend in media, and are continuing to grow. This ‘on-demand’ audio experience has become a great way to consume meaningful content away from a screen, where people can listen and learn whilst they drive, exercise or maybe just sitting with their eyes closed.  People often go to podcasts for long-form discussions,

When Music Meets Literature: Songs Inspired by Poetry

Whilst stealing by nature carries criminal connotations, musicians (and Picasso) will preach that even the greats will borrow. One might find that, actually, passages from T.S. Eliot canvassing the artistic theft of other’s work actually contributes to the creation of new art. If, like us, you have wondered which comes first: the music or the

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‘Kerak Telor’ Recipe: An Indo Street-Food Twist on an Omelette

Continuing our recipes from the nation’s capital, Jakarta, another ‘Betawi’ special is ‘Kerak Telor’, a favourite street-side delight. Kerak telor, meaning ‘egg crust’, is a fried, pancake-like omelette filled with all the goodies and flavours you might find in any Indonesian street food snack, namely sticky rice and coconut! A tasty sweet-meets-savoury culinary creation.  Traditionally,

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Back to the Movies: Upcoming Films to Look Forward To

One of the industries that have suffered the most as a result of the pandemic is the film industry. The outbreak has caused cinemas and movie theatres around the world to be closed down, which in turn has caused the worldwide box office to lose billions of dollars. Film productions have been halted ‘til the

The Consolations of Philosophy (and Philosophers)

I know it’s all necessary and it’s for our good, but aren’t you just getting a little tired of social distancing, constant hand washing, sanitizing, isolation and masking up? The statistics which at first fascinated are now blending in to a morass of under-supply, over-capacity, under-performing, economic doom and gloom, confusion which needs balanced and

Soto Betawi: A Classic Dish from The Capital

In celebration of Jakarta’s – Indonesia’s capital city – 493rd Birthday, our sister magazine NOW! Jakarta has put together a list of the all time best ‘Betawi’ cuisine. In this week’s Cook & Mix we share with you one of the all-time classics from the capital, Soto Betawi. Betawi is the term given to the

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