For cocktail fans, mixing up a drink during social isolation or lockdown has been a go-to stress reducer. One cocktail has become popular among mixologists and bartenders as of late, inspired by the pandemic, made for those living through it: The Quarantini !

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The drink’s popularity has grown due to the fact it has several ‘anti-Covid’ properties: alcohol with its natural disinfectant properties, and vitamin-C to boost the immune system!

The Quarantini is a spin-off from the original Martini, a Prohibition Era creation. The sweet honey and the natural acidity from lemon combined with spirits such as Vodka or Gin come together to create a quarantine-ready concoction.

Hollywood actress Meryl Streep perfectly displayed the Quarantini on an online drink-and-sing session she had with Christine Baranski when they were in Quarantine back in May. Thus, the Quarantini was given life, and versions of it spread around the world!

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Here’s how you can make yourself a Quarantini:


1 Lemon, squeezed or lemon juice
2-3 oz vodka or gin
2 tablespoon honey syrup
2 tablespoons water
1000 mg pack of vitamin C (optional)


• Fill a cocktail shaker or glass with ice, add gin/vodka, squeezed lemon juice, honey syrup
• Shake it or stir it, then pour into a chilled martini glass
• For those wanting to add the Vitamin C, one can put in on the mixture before shaking or rim the top of the martini glass with Vitamin C powder along with the garnish of lemon zest.
• Add a slice of lemon or any round fruit such as grapes or berries as the garnish to replace the olive fruit that one may recognise from the classic Martini.

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