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Lontar: Bali’s Palm-Leaf Manuscripts

Lontar is a literary artefact that has shaped the Balinese culture we know today. Not just any literature,it’s viewed as the island’s intellectual property to which the Balinese turn to for life lessons, philosophies, medicine and more. Since the olden days, the Balinese would turn to this literature when in search of a spiritual progression

FAM Health Indonesia: Humanising Mental Illness in a Taboo Culture

In a society where the mere mention of mental illness is shunned, FAM Health Indonesia bridges the access between people and practitioners to foster a change in the way we talk about mental health, and make peace with the suffering that hides behind shame and ignorance. There are different types of mental healthcare but which

Help Restore Bali’s Coral Reefs by Joining this Climate-Positive Diving Trip

As global heating, overfishing, and pollution make coral degradation a regular event, scientists have made it clear that without human intervention, the world’s coral reef system will be lost.  Working together with a local diving company, CarbonEthics and Carbon EcoTrip are encouraging island visitors to travel wiser through their #TravelCooler campaign, and inviting divers to

Hujan Memedi : The Demon of Bali’s Sun Showers

Have you ever wondered how it can rain when the sun is shining? Whilst science has its explanations, Balinese folklore has its very own colourful story behind this phenomenon. We all have heard some strange answers as to why it happens. One popular saying, with southern United States origins, indicates the devil is ‘kissing his

Lontar Museum Bali Pustaka

Bali’s Lontar Museum : A Library of Ancient Wisdom

Living their day-to-day, the Balinese follow a set of rules and routines inherited from their ancestors, recorded on palm-leaf manuscripts. From plant-care to the philosophy of death, thousands of these centuries-old literature still exist on the island. Some remain part of furniture at homes, whilst many have been ‘rescued’ by the lontar doctors, ensuring they

Ubud Artisan Market Returns : Showcasing Bali’s Young Entrepreneurs

The latest initiative from the Foundation behind Ubud Writers & Readers Festival (UWRF), The Ubud Artisan Market is making a comeback to help aid the local economy and create opportunities for Bali’s young entrepreneurs. Supported by the Bupati of Gianyar, in collaboration with local businesses, The Ubud Artisan Market aims to bring together the island’s

Kura Kura : A Craft Beer Proudly Born and Brewed in Bali

It’s impossible to let this new kid on the block fly under your radar. Proudly Bali born and brewed, Kura Kura Beer is bringing slow-drinking, keep-the-afternoon-rolling tropical tipples into the island’s drinking scene.  From arak to wine, island imbibers have surfed through waves of drinking trends through time. The rising locavore movement recently had them

From the Ground Up: Regenerating Bali’s Agriculture the Astungkara Way

Spearheading a new era of agriculture, The Astungkara Way heeds regenerative actions to redefine Bali’s farming system— and it all starts from the soil. The conventional farming practices of over-fertilising and frequent tilling have proven to not only be problematic and counter-productive, but ultimately undermines the nutritional value of the food we consume.  The chemicals

Sensatia Botanicals’ Vegan Fragrance Line Has Finally Arrived

Indonesia’s leading natural beauty care brand, Sensatia Botanicals is elevating your sensory experience with its first-ever vegan fragrance collection, complete with a genderless option. Free from animal cruelty and testing, the Elements Fragrance Collection was conceived with an all-natural formulation using selected plant extracts to achieve aromatic longevity and naturally enhance olfaction, or the sense

KOMANEKA at Keramas beach (37)

Komaneka Unveils Never-Before-Seen Artworks of Made Wianta at Memorial Exhibition

An exhibition commemorating the legacy of Made Wianta — one of Bali’s most revered contemporary artists who passed away recently — is officially open for public at Komaneka’s Keramas Beach gallery. ‘Remembering Made Wianta’ features personal collections of the maestro’s artworks, whilst unveiling his never-before-seen paintings that showcase new explorations of his social and cultural

Arak Jung : An Ancient Balinese Tradition of Herbal Healing

Earlier this year, the Balinese governor endorsed the daily intake of arak to free asymptomatic carriers from the coronavirus. Whilst it can be misleading to claim the local spirit is some sort of cure, ‘arak therapy’ has been a form of traditional medicine practised for centuries in Bali.  The sight of reused waterbottles containing vodka-esque

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