As global heating, overfishing, and pollution make coral degradation a regular event, scientists have made it clear that without human intervention, the world’s coral reef system will be lost. 

Working together with a local diving company, CarbonEthics and Carbon EcoTrip are encouraging island visitors to travel wiser through their #TravelCooler campaign, and inviting divers to join their climate-positive trip in their efforts to restore the island’s marine life.

Not only are they important for life underwater, over half a billion people depend on coral reefs for food and protection. Bali’s vast marine ecosystem is home to over 400 species, and like other reefs around the world, the island’s sub-aquatic life has been in a perilous state, owing to warming waters, unregulated tourism, and unsustainable fishing, to name a few.

In response to this global threat, CarbonEthics and Carbon EcoTrip, an NGO promoting eco-tourism through positive nature-driven experiences, have taken the opportunity to safeguard Bali’s seascape through reef restoration. 

Collaborating with the ‘artisans of diving’ from Livingseas, one of the campaign’s highlights is a diving trip to Padangbai, East Bali, where divers will plant corals in a 3-metre tall coral garden structure. 

Building ‘coral gardens’ has been a model actively executed around the island to rehabilitate marine life by planting nursery-grown corals back onto reefs and form coral resilience to threats like climate change and harmful fishing practices.

The #TravelCooler campaign aims to educate travellers about the climate crisis, and show them how to travel smarter and more consciously through these experiences. 

If you are a diver who is keen to preserve the world’s underwater wonderlands and look for ways to travel consciously, book your dive with Carbon Eco Trip today. With limited slots, the trip is open for 3 people per journey. The price per person is IDR 2,200,000, with a special launching price of IDR 1,900,000 if you book sooner than later! 

On Sunday 11 April 2021, you’ll embark on trip to Padangbai, a diving destination known for its fascinating Shark Diving, Reef Diving, Muck Diving experiences. The area’s cooler temperatures and currents make the site unique and appealing to divers around the world. It is surrounded by abundant reefs that attract a myriad of marine species from schools of sweetlips, banner-fish to sharks and other pelagics that you won’t want to miss.

Book your spot here.

CarbonEthics, Carbon EcoTrip and Livingseas implement cleanliness, health, safety and environmental sustainability (CHSE) protocols following the recommendation from the Indonesia’s Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy to ensure all of our diving equipment is safe to use by the participants. There will also be plenty of instructors to ensure the safety of each diver.