Songs to Send to Distant Lovers

The best written love songs don’t always carol the joy of romance. Great songwriters since the start of time have penned the ups and downs of being in love that are still revered and echoed today. There are the sunshines and rainbows type, or the gut-wrenching, heartstring-pulling kind; all delicate and gripping to the heart.

Sachi Kondo

Early ‘00s Throwback Playlist

From modern R&B, garage rock, to power pop hybrids of past eras, music of the early ‘noughties’ is excitingly diverse yet eclectically cohesive. It saw rockers jamming out to Bon Jovi, starlets moving their hips like Shakira, slick dudes busting rhymes to OutKast; but despite the different ranges of sounds and styles, it all just sounded right

Complexities of the Banjar Community in the Modern World

Massive development has in many ways changed the landscape of Bali from being the home to an agricultural society to a now bustling tourism industry. The establishment of posh restaurants, luxury resorts, and glittering night clubs have led to many mistaking Bali as Indonesia’s capital of hedonism, not Hinduism. But if you look past the

3 Things Helping to Preserve Balinese Traditions for the Future

Amidst today’s modern Bali, where asphalted roads have taken over a good portion of rice fields, the sound of the traditional gamelan music still echoes across the island, and the traditional sarong and sash as well as the women’s kebaya remain in fashion.  The Balinese have maintained a great trait of being a friendly, welcoming

Rural Experiences and the Rise of Bali’s ‘Tourist Villages’

Away from the island’s south, a wide range of attractions and activities await. Here in rural Bali, you can develop an appreciation and understanding of the island’s natural beauty, ecosystems and, most importantly, cultural values. Villages in rural Bali are gearing up for the future of the island’s tourism, working together with the Bali Tourism

A Dying Paradise: Preserving Religion, Culture and Customs in Bali

Religion, culture, and custom. The three are the formula that make up Bali, a one-of-a-kind destination frequented by millions from many corners of the world. Today, when mass tourism has also come to play, many argue that Bali’s true identity has been overshadowed by those looking for a cheap getaway, changing the image of the

Bali’s Environment : The Looming Threat of Waste & Water Scarcity

This decade, we observed Bali’s biggest body of fresh water, Lake Buyan, lowering; witnessed worsening tides of trash sweeping our beaches; endured extreme heat during monsoon seasons; and watched as groundwater scarcity spread anxiety across the island. The past ten years have roused a series of environmental issues, underlining that the waste crisis and climate

Fitness Fanatics & Health Nuts in Bali

I suppose most people want to be fit, and everyone wants to be healthy but isn’t it amazing that we don’t try very hard to achieve either? We bumble along putting off exercise schedules and programs and delay health checkups as if these were causes of the problems not the solutions. Don’t deny it! Part

Some Enchanted Evening (in Bali)

Richard Rogers captured our imagination with his wonderful lyrics to this song from the movie ‘South Pacific’ in 1949. Not some enchanted morning, not some enchanted lunch time, no, the magic of love only starts at night. Maybe the magic is somewhat diffused by the latest additions to Bali, motorcycles roaring past and very loud

Health, Wealth and Happiness

Our May 2019 issue is all about health, spas and wellness (which is different from health apparently) and how to generally look and feel good.  Now while you might not be aware of it, Indonesia (which includes Bali as a province) recently had national elections for all elected positions from city and provincial councils  to

Food for Thought, Thought for Food

It has always struck me that education is very unbalanced in most schools around the world, concentrating more on maths and science, which most people will only use a tiny part of for the rest of their lives, compared to health and nutrition which they need every day of their lives. And on which their

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