What Does it Take to be a ‘Bali Hero’?

In our March 2019 issue you will find heartwarming stories about how some people actually do look after other people less fortunate than themselves. Please read them and think not, “wow , well done them” but “what can I do to help?” Actually it’s easy. Just give some money! What’s not easy is doing the

Alistair G. Speirs

What does “I Love Bali” Really Mean?

“I really fell in love with Bali the first time I came here”, said one American lady I know, and she has been here a long time now. What’s surprising perhaps is that she doesn’t speak Balinese, nor Indonesian, and isn’t really up to speed on Balinese customs, rituals, beliefs, ceremonies and well, really everything

NOW! Bali Magazine

Happy Birthday to Us: 10 Years of NOW! Bali

As you will see throughout our January 2019 Issue we are celebrating ten years of publishing NOW! Bali and while I have no wish to be immodest, I have to say we’ve done a good job! But of course I had some experience before launching NOW! Bali having started the first real visitor magazine on the

Dear NOW! Bali, Letters from Our Friends On Our Anniversary

January 2018 marks the 10th year of our NOW! Bali publication. In selecting what to feature in this issue, we relied on the NOW! Bali tradition of constantly promoting Bali as a unique cultural wonder, and selected 10 stories from the past 10 years of our journey as a media company that we think best

The Sound and The Fury

Last month we did a round-up of nightlife options across the island and wow what options there were! There were pubs and cafes, clubs and dance venues, rooftops and beach bars all competing for those determined to make the best of every evening. And I have to say the great majority of them are well

Above Eleven (3)

Bali’s Nightlife Thrills

“When the night falls, my lonely heart calls” I bet only a few of you are old enough to remember the great old disco hit “I wanna dance with somebody” but I’m sure you understand the context all too well. You’ve been busy all day, you say goodbye to your friends and as the evening approaches you

Hold Your Next Event at The Stones Legian : Rewards, Themes and More

Bali is no longer just a destination for tourists, the island has grown in popularity amongst companies as well as a destination for events, gatherings and outings.   Image From ballrooms and meeting rooms, The Stones – Legian, Bali serves the needs of many looking to hold an event in Bali. Here’s why: Location: The

Food glorious Food

Food, Glorious Food in Bali

“Hot sausage and mustard, cold jelly and custard, pease pudding and saveloys”, these were the dishes fantasised over by the workhouse boys in the Musical Oliver! Wow, that Victorian English fare doesn’t hold much magic for us nowadays. (And by the way, don’t know what a “Saveloy” is? Actually it’s a highly seasoned red sausage

Challenging The Kids Whilst They Are in Bali

The Asian Games were recently held in Jakarta, the Capital of Indonesia, and Palembang a city in South Sumatra. This is the second largest sporting event in the world after the Olympic Games and is something that Indonesia should be very proud to host. This reminds me of the ideals behind the Olympic games, and

Balinese Culture

Bali’s Bizarre and Beautiful: Costumes of Culture

While the Balinese seem to go about their daily lives in a fairly normal way, in reality it is just a cover. What they really like to do is attend ceremonies and functions where they can dress up! Bali is a culture where the adherents just love to get put on costumes. From an early

Unsung Heroes Profiles 1

Bali’s Sung and Unsung Heroes

I have been coming to Bali for 40 years and in that time seen heroes and villains, entrepreneurs and hustlers, artists and artisans, chefs and surfers, designers and dancers, all coming to Bali from all over the world and all over Indonesia to “find their fortune” to test their luck and often just to enjoy


Bali’s Season of Festivals : More Than Just Parties

When is the right time to celebrate? Well since you are on holiday, it’s today. And you are in luck, Bali is a GREAT place to celebrate just about anything – birthdays, coming of age, engagements, weddings, perhaps even a divorce! Partying is easy in July and August in Bali when the clubs are in

Nusa Lembongan Islands off of Bali 2

The Magic of the Beach: What Does The Beach Mean to You?

There is so much magic associated with beaches. Almost everything in life is able to be dramatised and magnified by those magnificent links between land and sea. Our childhood memories are full of sandcastles and playing in the waves with our parents, the picnics and the beach games, the kites and the buckets and spades.

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