Our May 2019 issue is all about health, spas and wellness (which is different from health apparently) and how to generally look and feel good. 

Now while you might not be aware of it, Indonesia (which includes Bali as a province) recently had national elections for all elected positions from city and provincial councils  to the President and Vice President. Indeed  some commentators  have been saying these were the largest simultaneous elections ever held in the world! In fact the statistics are simply overwhelming : 193 million eligible voters, + 300,000 candidates for 20,528 seats in 34 provinces and more than 500 regencies and municipalities, all voting at 800,000 polling stations ! 

Why am I telling you this ? Because without democracy, without freedom, the whole idea of spas and luxury treatments means nothing. Without freedom, the simple pursuit of  basic everyday health becomes an all consuming task, never mind even thinking about the luxury end of the health business! The former communist countries were hardly awash with gyms, yoga retreats or reiki parlours . They barely had subsistence food levels (except for their pampered super athletes, and possibly the political elite of course!)

No, democracy brings the opportunity for wealth creation through our own ideas and efforts, and it allows a health and wellness industry to grow – and thrive – in places like Bali and the luxurious spas become affordable and available because the owners have the freedom to create their business to serve our needs.

So while  it may not be an important item on your holiday list, the Indonesian elections enabled everyone you are meeting to create the businesses which serve you and hopefully make your holiday a happy one!


Alistair G. Speirs, OBE

Alistair G. Speirs

Alistair G. Speirs

Alistair G Speirs, OBE, is the Publisher of NOW! Magazines. He has been in the publishing, advertising and PR business for the last 25 years. He started both NOW! Bali and NOW! Jakarta as each region's preferred community magazine.