Setia Darma House of Masks and Puppets

Setia Darma House of Masks and Puppets

Featuring masks used in shamanistic practices, communal rituals, and theatrical performances, this gem speaks of the human impulse to transform one’s identity. The Setia Darma House of Masks and Puppets presents a treasure trove of heritage quite unlike anything else. Celebrating cultures and traditions by housing over 1,300 masks and 5,700 puppets from across the

Mads Lange : Why a Danish Man Has a Kuta Street Named After Him

If you explore the backstreets of Kuta enough, you’ll come across a road named ‘Jalan Tuan Lange’, dedicated to Mads Lange , a Danish man who had a colourful Denmark is about as far from Bali as pickled herring is from nasi campur, but there was a period of 18 years when these two very disparate cultures intertwined in a

Complexities of the Banjar Community in the Modern World

Massive development has in many ways changed the landscape of Bali from being the home to an agricultural society to a now bustling tourism industry. The establishment of posh restaurants, luxury resorts, and glittering night clubs have led to many mistaking Bali as Indonesia’s capital of hedonism, not Hinduism. But if you look past the

3 Things Helping to Preserve Balinese Traditions for the Future

Amidst today’s modern Bali, where asphalted roads have taken over a good portion of rice fields, the sound of the traditional gamelan music still echoes across the island, and the traditional sarong and sash as well as the women’s kebaya remain in fashion.  The Balinese have maintained a great trait of being a friendly, welcoming

A Dying Paradise: Preserving Religion, Culture and Customs in Bali

Religion, culture, and custom. The three are the formula that make up Bali, a one-of-a-kind destination frequented by millions from many corners of the world. Today, when mass tourism has also come to play, many argue that Bali’s true identity has been overshadowed by those looking for a cheap getaway, changing the image of the

Prasasti Blanjong Pillar: Ancient Inscriptions in Sanur

A small monument known as Prasasti Blanjong, was carved from a single solid stone pillar that measures around 70 inches and 32 inches in diameter. It is one of the oldest manmade artefacts in Bali that dates back to the 10th century, only found in 1932. It commemorates the victory of King Kesariwarmedewa of Bali’s

Pan Am Monument in Bali : Commemorating a Tragedy

Driving north from the main hub of Sanur to the quiet Padang Galak area, a memorial monument of a fatal Pan American flight accident nestled in quite a hidden spot behind abandoned buildings.  In 1974, a Pan American flight flying from from Hong Kong to Sydney with a scheduled transit in Bali, crashed in the

How Do the Balinese Choose Their ‘Auspicious’ Days?

Here in Bali, a joyous occasion will turn to misery if not celebrated at the right time. It is of utmost important, therefore, that an auspicious day is chosen very carefully for ceremonies and rituals. Never will a Balinese person hold a ceremony without consulting a specialist (in most cases, a priest) to determine the

Ubud’s Haute Food at Aperitif

Art, culture, meditation, yoga, and now food. Ubud has become a destination for gourmands and epicureans, as some of Bali’s best restaurants, such as Apéritif, call this cultural capital home. It’s nearly a century later, but the charms of the 1920s live on in Apéritif Restaurant & Bar. You’re caught off guard, in fact, as

West Bali : The Road Less-Travelled

There’s more to west Bali than the protected areas of the national park. The region’s villages, both inland and on the coast, invite keen travellers to feast their eyes on breathtaking natural views and experience the ‘real Bali’. Aone of a kind natural wonder in west Bali is Bunut Bolong. Found in Manggisari village, Bunut

Bangli’s Hidden Temples

If you explore Bangli deeper, you’ll be amazed by the regency’s many charms not listed in any guide book – Pura Taman Pecampuhan and Pura Dalem Balingkang for instance. Bangli is best known for its Kintamani highlands, home to the majestic Lake Batur and Mount Batur. Both residents and visitors usually flock the area for

The Law Enforcement Deities of Belega Village

The villagers of Belega in Blahbatuh, Gianyar, have an interesting story to tell to the visitors to the area. It’s about the deities inhabiting Belega’s village temple, Pura Dalem. The Pura Dalem in Belega village may seem like a regular temple found in other villages throughout Bali, but upon closer inspection, you’ll notice that the

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