SeaSalt: Coastal Dining with a Fresh Buzz

A new hotspot for stylish seafood dining, Seasalt marks the start of a tantalizing new seascape dining experience, with a dash of Japanese infusion, exciting palates with an enticing taste of the sea in their fresh seafood selection. Inspired by its spectacular oceanfront setting and the locally harvested sea salt, Seasalt will be the must-go

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Hatten Wines Scoops More Awards

The 2017 Asian Wine Review published by Hong Kong’s Asian wine authority, The Flying Winemaker, has announced the results of the Review’s judging in Hong Kong: Hatten Wines, Bali’s own winery is this year’s Winery of the Year. With Best Sparkling Winner award for Tunjung Sparkling Brut with 97 points, Gold Medal for Jepun Sparkling

Bikini Brings The Sexy Back to Seminyak

The latest venture of 8 Degree Projects team, the group behind the popular Sisterfields and BO$$ MAN, Bikini brings sexiness and playfulness to the corner of Kayu Cendana Street in Seminyak. The restaurant’s flirtatious décor has been inviting a steady flow of satisfied customers, indulging in the visually astonishing food creations that burst with flavours

Panama Kitchen & Pool 2

Summer Vibes at Panama Kitchen and Pool, Canggu

In the all-cool, all-trendy neighbourhood of Canggu, it’s of no surprise that eclectic venues will pop-up to please the crowds of young, alternative patrons that are always on the search for something new and exciting. Enter Panama Kitchen & Pool, a new destination for sun-loving diners of Bali. Inspired by tropical designs, 60’s culture and

Opia Bali Jimbaran Venue

Opia Dining Destination Opens in Jimbaran

Having just opened its doors to the public last December, OPIA Bali has quickly established itself as an exciting dining destination in the ‘bukit’ area. The restaurant offers a sweeping view of Jimbaran Bay and beyond,  setting a stunning stage for a culinary experience. Opia offers a menu of ‘Asian-inspired’ dishes, gathering flavours from China, to Thailand

Megibung: Bali’s Feast for the Family

Traditionally made for family gatherings, meetings, and functions, the Balinese Megibung is a delectable feast served on one big banana leaf. People will then circle around the food and eat with their bare hands as a symbol of togetherness. In Megibung, the chair-less sitting arrangements are made from the north-end of the table, starting with


Frestro & Bar, Stylish Dining in Seminyak

Being Petitenget’s latest sensation, Frestro & Bar has an ingenious menu created by one of Indonesia’s rising celebrity chefs, Mandif M. Warokka. With a strict ‘no chemicals or additives’ policy, Chef Mandif utilizes only the finest and freshest ingredients to maximize every dish’s potential and diners can look forward to being spoiled by the impressive

Da Maria Brings Back The Simple Italian Touch

Recently opening its doors to public, Da Maria is bringing traditional Italian food in a modern environment without trying to reinvent the wheel. This restaurant offers an osteria style in the tropical settings of Bali, making it an elegant Italian dining options in the heart of Seminyak. A closer look at the interior shows classy

AKUA Bali Brings Spanish Aromas to Jimbaran

AKUA Bali is not only a restaurant but also a beach club and lifestyle centre. On Jimbaran Bay, setup for perfect views of Bali’s blues and greens, AKUA offers the very special flavours of Spain, known for their mastery in seafood and ocean fare! Paella is the most recommended Spanish dish on offer here, combining Asian

Nusa Cana: Indonesian Rum in the Spotlight

Nusa Cana revives the forgotten memories of the legendary Indonesian rum. Famous for its sugarcane plantations, Nusa Cana rum has a distinct and smooth flavour, which is slowly gaining popularity. To create it, Javanese sugar cane molasses are fermented with pure, forest-filtered water and red rice cake. This liquid is distilled in traditional Chinese pot

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