Journey to Bali: Escape to Alila Villas Uluwatu

An escape needs to be just that – an escape. Nowhere quite gives that feeling of liberation than being high above the crashing waves from the Uluwatu clifftops, as an endless ocean extends into the infinite horizon in front of you. Perhaps the most iconic destination on these clifftops is Alila Villas Uluwatu, who invites

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Alila Ubud_Chef in the Organic Garden

Take a Balinese Cooking Masterclass in Alila Ubud’s Organic Garden

Honestly, there is no better souvenir than taking home a skill. Especially if that skill can be used time-and-time again to remind you of your experiences, in this case, of Balinese food.  Alila Ubud has long been a destination for authentic experiences, a place to getaway from life’s bustling routine and slow down. With its


Table for Two: Alila Ubud’s Romantic Dinner Experience

Everyone knows that Bali is a romantic destination; ever since Elizabeth Gilbert told the world of her love escapades on the island, people have been flocking to find their own experiences of romance. Even without ‘Eat Pray Love’ however, the island has spelled romance all on its own; the Bale Bengong of Alila Ubud, for

Alila Ubud Swimming Pool

The Iconic Alila Ubud Pool: Open for Public

The Alila Ubud pool is internet famous. Perhaps one of the most photographed swimming pools on the island, this stretching infinity heaven elongates over a hill, looking out to a secluded valley of Payangan, an area just north of Ubud. Previously the pool was reserved for hotel guests only, leaving it as a luxury only

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