Bali: Tropical paradise turned shopping-lovers’ heaven

Boho-chic, Parisian elegance, edgy-cool, ethnic luxe; Bali may be renowned for its exotic climate and idyllic beaches, but today it is evolving into a diverse and exciting hub for fashion.  The beauty of the artisan-entrepreneur fusion manifests itself best in the quality leather and fine jewellery pieces which can be bought in Bali, while swimwear

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Designer Erika Peña Opens Fourth Store in Ubud

Erika Peña, with her multi-cultural upbringing, has brought fashion and jewellery designs into culturally sound pieces of fashionable art that has captured the attention of fashionistas worldwide. The influence of her travels and cultures has led her to becoming a universal sensation. Peña, the daughter of Dominican parents, moved to Florida at the age of

A Quirky Touch To Your Style

Keep an abundance of cuteness and quirkiness in your style with some picks from one of our favourite fashion stores on the island, Kismet. More than just a store, Kismet is a designer/artist hub that connects the right people, providing a creative space where quite a number of talents can expand and materialise their dreams

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Stunning Looks For A Stunning Summer

Comfort should never compromise style, especially during your Bali summer getaways. From the chic look that effortlessly transforms from sandy beach to beachside restaurants for the ladies, to the relaxed, summer looks for the gentlemen that are sure to impress, here’s our stylish picks that will have you looking fab while you soak up the

Design Your Own Flip Flops at Baia Baia

Now you can slip into a pair of designer flip flops (you’re the designer, by the way) and make that beach stroll more fashionable as Baia Baia has opened a store on Oberoi street. Taking the tropical inspirations from Rio de Janeiro, Saint-Tropes, and Tel Aviv for the design of the Indonesia stores, this colourful

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