A Quirky Touch To Your Style

Keep an abundance of cuteness and quirkiness in your style with some picks from one of our favourite fashion stores on the island, Kismet. More than just a store, Kismet is a designer/artist hub that connects the right people, providing a creative space where quite a number of talents can expand and materialise their dreams

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Hilton Bali Resort Relaunches The Shore Restaurant

Following an extensive interior uplift of the three-storey beachfront restaurant, Hilton Bali Resort has just announced the official relaunch of The Shore Restaurant. The new interior design reflects natural elements and earthy tones from wood, greenery and terracotta that harmonise with contemporary furnishings. Located on the resort’s beach and poolside, accessible via Cliff Tower, this

Black Sand Rejuvenation at Royal Purnama

For centuries, Balinese people have utilised the black volcanic beach sand heated by the sun and mineralised by the ocean as a healing remedy. In order to honour the ancient remedies, Royal Purnama introduces Black Sand Full Body Rejuvenation to indulge guests with an intuitive touch and curative signature therapies equal with the mystery and


Fine Craftsmanship: Unique Souvenirs in Bali

Bali is well-known as an arts and crafts island, and much of its towns and villages seem to be teeming with artists’ workshops and galleries. Indeed, visiting Bali’s cultural hubs to get a piece of that uniquely Bali souvenir is definitely a worthy effort. But when time is an issue, you can get that little

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