Balinale 2024, Bali International Film Festival

June 1, 2024
Plaza Renon, Denpasar

Bali International Film Festival (Balinale) returns for its 17th annual edition from Saturday, 1 June to Friday, 7 June. Cinephiles and industry professionals alike are invited to the festival week at Cinepolis in Plaza Renon, Denpasar.

Established in 2007, the Bali International Film Festival, also known locally as Balinale, enjoys international recognition for its diverse programming, which encompasses Indonesian and international independent and award-winning fiction, documentary, feature, and short films.

Furthermore, the festival earns recognition for its high-quality events that bring filmmakers from around the world together, allowing them to collaborate and share their insights. This collaboration significantly contributes to our goal of creating a global creativity gathering.

Additionally, the festival serves as a vital platform for promoting Indonesian cinema, fostering cultural exchange, and supporting essential educational development through workshops and seminars.

Moreover, we actively participate in global industry events, maintaining professional associations with major studios and distributors, while simultaneously establishing affiliations with like-minded institutions and organisations. Notably, Balinale (Bali International Film Festival) holds the honor of being endorsed by the National and Provincial Government for its proven efforts in delivering cultural, political, and economic benefits to the country, all while enjoying strong support from the local community.

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