Jia Curated Kiosks Edition 3: ‘In Process’

15 August 2024 - 18 August 2024
Bali Festival Park, Sanur

An immersive weekend celebrating craft, design and culture will take place from 15 to 18 August 2024 with the return of Jia Curated Kiosks, back for its third edition. This unique event will take place at Bali Festival Park, a theme park lost to time for over two decades, offering a unique backdrop for exhibited pieces and creating unexpected and inspiring juxtapositions.

Shifting its identity from a market-style festival to a design festival, Jia Curated Kiosks (JCK) will feature over 100 participating brands and over 50 exhibitors from both local and international backgrounds in this one-of-a-kind. JCK 03 will be a premier destination for discerning buyers, for those who value craftsmanship, superior quality, and innovative design. Expect homeware, furniture, ceramics, lighting, art, interior and outdoor design, and much more.

Beyond that, Jia Curated Kiosks will also host a series of talks, ‘360º Design Dialogues’, curated and moderated by Design Anthology, bringing together thought leaders and innovators in the design space. Notable speakers include Tokyo-based architect and designer Keiji Ashizawa, and seminal Indonesian architect Andra Matin; other talks will broach intriguing subjects like “The Modern Artisan & the Role of Craft”, or “Tradition and Community: Textiles Today”.


Even participants who are less design-centric have plenty of reason to visit, with daily musical and cultural performances taking place, including renowned dancer-choreographer Jasmine Okubo, or Ethno-Progressive Jazz band, Orasaré. Plus, a wide selection of food and beverage vendors will be available, featuring some of Bali’s favourites.

Finally, the weekend also highlights the Indonesian value of  Gotong Royong, embodying solidarity, communal cooperation, and mutual assistance within society. Showcasing a diverse array of exhibitors from local and international backgrounds, the event includes a talks programme curated and moderated by Design Anthology, alongside music and cultural performances.


Early Bird Tickets:
1 Day Pass: Rp 60.000,-
4 Day Pass: Rp 200.000,-

Regular Tickets:
1 Day Pass: Rp. 75,000,-
4 Day Pass: Rp 225.000,-
Kids under 12 FREE

JCK 03: In Process
15 – 18 August 2024 | Bali Festival Park

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