Balinese Women

The Salt of The Earth: In Praise of Balinese Women

There is never a bad time to show appreciation for the Balinese women. The backbone of the culture and the glue that holds families and lifestyle together, the women of this beguiling island are something to be admired. Text and photos by Jill Gocher (Ayu Sekar)  Whether working in the padi fields, carrying bricks to work

How Divine

Recently, we decided to check out the gorgeous and recently opened Divine Wine Bar at Bridges, one of Ubud’s favourite fine dining establishments. After ensconcing ourselves comfortably in one of the salubrious sofas, with a gorgeous view out over the Wos River, it was time to do some serious selecting. Sitting back with an air

The Clandestine Cockfight

You can always tell when a cockfight is going to happen in Bali. The first sign is the beautiful woven bamboo or rattan baskets held tightly on the back of a speeding motorbike as the proud owner makes his way to today’s specially selected spot. The next sign is a huge number of motorbikes crowded

Bali’s Beautiful Rejang Girls

The Rejang dance is one of Bali’s most beautiful and visually stunning; featuring a troop of young, fully decorated girls, it is a dance of elegance and grace.  In the isolated communities of Karangasem, life goes on much as it has for centuries. Of course, now, many of the young leave home to take a

Sacred Sites By The Pakerisan River

Locked between the stands of verdant jungle, the pure waters of the Pejeng and Pakerisan streams gurgle their way over rocks and convoluted water courses. These two rivers form a holy rectangular area that is home to many ancient monuments. This area was once alive with monks and seers. “Rishis” or holy men came from

More Than Just A Massage

Ubud has designated itself as a kind of healing centre – after all, the very name Ubud is derived from the word Obad, which means “medicine”. It caught the name from the many kinds of healing plants that grew along the river banks and in the fields and the tradition has never stopped growing. Spas

Padang Padang

Sambals, both the fiery hot red sambal and the slightly cooler green, come gratis at the side of your plate. The main vegetable is daun ubi – boiled leaves from the cassava bush.Fried chicken, several luscious curries, fried tuna with chili sauce and several vegetable dishes are all displayed lovingly ready to be chosen. It

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