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Jemeluk Bay : Amed’s Favourite Sunset Spot

The first glimpse of the beautiful Jemeluk Bay has to be from Sunset Point, or for the eager beavers, for sunrise. From this gorgeous elevated viewpoint, you see the whole bay spread before you, while in the background, Bali’s holy mountain, Gunung Agung, shimmers in the morning light. To the north slightly, you see the

Turmeric : The Golden Miracle

The word on everyone’s lips right now is turmeric, or in Indonesia, it is known as Kunyit. This magical root, a member of the ginger family, is attributed with miraculous, almost unbelievable powers. Everything comes under its benign influence, from curing cancer to erasing wrinkles and improving both body and brain function. It is said

7 Fabulous Foodie Pleasers in Ubud

With so many restaurants in Ubud – and new ones opening every other week! – keeping up with all these new arrivals can be hard work. Some come, some go and some stay on for years, delighting waves of happy diners. It is a great testing ground and rewards those who know the right combination. Is

A Pantheon of The Extraordinary: The Colours of Bali’s Ceremony

Bali is a source of endless ceremonies and celebrations, performed across the island. Starting at the end of May until June 9th is Galungan, Bali’s happiest festival when every village dresses up to the nines and gets ready to welcome the gods returning ancestral spirits. It is a celebration of the victory of Dharma over

Spa School To The World

Have you ever wondered where your smiling spa therapist has learned her, or more rarely, his skills? The spa business has moved upmarket and is booming like never before. It has become a worldwide phenomenon. The business has turned nothing short of professional as training is needed and skilled therapists are always in demand. Not

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