The Arak Farmers of Karangasem

Before bottles of Grey Goose or Dom Pérignon ever reached the island, the libation of choice was always arak. This island moonshine was not just a delicacy, it was a craft. Today, these arak artisans continue to produce using age-old methods, supplying the local arak scene from their humble, home-based distilleries. ‘Arak – Made in

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Arak Bali – How is it Made? | Made in Bali Episode 2

Arak. Bali’s traditional spirit, used in both ceremony and celebration across the island. Many know the name or have savoured its distinct taste, but few are able to explain how arak Bali is made or where it really comes from. In October 2021, NOW! Bali released a mini-documentary titled ‘ARAK – Made in Bali’, the

Arak Jung Bali 1

Arak Jung : An Ancient Balinese Tradition of Herbal Healing

Earlier this year, the Balinese governor endorsed the daily intake of arak to free asymptomatic carriers from the coronavirus. Whilst it can be misleading to claim the local spirit is some sort of cure, ‘arak therapy’ has been a form of traditional medicine practised for centuries in Bali.  The sight of reused waterbottles containing vodka-esque

Arak For Life

In Bali, ’arak’ isn’t just an ordinary traditional spirit, but a means of religious tradition as well as the daily livelihood of its farmers. One of the traditional producers are in the village of Tri Eka Buana, Karangasem regency. 336.5 hectares rich with coconut trees, which are considered to trees of blessings, as many parts

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