Desa Potato Head’s 7-Day Wellness Event Co-Curated by Erykah Badu

June 1, 2024
Desa Potato Head Seminyak


Desa Potato Head presents the return of Merasa for its second edition, now expanded into a 7-day experience held from 1-8 June 2024. This year, Potato Head joins forces with global icon Erykah Badu to curate an immersive experience dedicated to rejuvenating and elevating the mind and body.

The week-long event kicks off with the Bali debut performance of the legendary neo-soul legend and co-curator, Erykah Badu herself. With multiple Grammy Awards decorating her illustrious career, her soul-stirring vocals and profound lyrics have captivated audiences since the late ‘90s. Set against the stunning backdrop of Desa Potato Head’s beachfront, her performance is poised to set the tone for the 7 Days of Regeneration.

A reimagining of wellness and self-care grounded in Potato Head’s “Good Times, Do Good” philosophy, Merasa offers a rare opportunity to dive deep into one’s self and grow in harmony with nature’s rhythm, with a schedule aligned with the Balinese calendar to harness the unique energies of each day.

The programmes feature a carefully curated blend of traditional and innovative practices, with Erykah herself leading an engaging talk and morning session. Joining her are esteemed collaborators including KT The Arch Degree, NOTEP, Fa’ Pawaka, and Waangenga Blanco, each sharing their distinctive perspectives to enrich the experience. 

Erykah Badu’s transcendent artistry and authentic spirit resonate deeply with the essence of Potato Head, seamlessly weaving together music, wellness, and creativity. Her presence serves as a beacon, illuminating paths toward personal growth and collective harmony.

The inspiring event boasts a diverse array of sessions including music, discussions, performances, frequencies, yoga, mindfulness, breathwork, movement, energy work, guidance, film, workshops and rituals. 



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