The Spiritual Sounds of the Gamelan

By now you might have overdoses on the dynamic clanks and clonks of the gamelan, Bali’s traditional orchestra comprised of several musical instruments. This is particularly the case on “good dates”, or auspicious days, where religious rites take place around the island and the sound of the gamelan echo all around.  Whilst the musical range

A Perfect Kids Getaway at Hard Rock Hotel Bali

Travelling with kids requires a lot of preparation, especially with babies or toddler. What ever age your little ones are, when the holiday or weekend comes around, we better have a list of ideas of where to go and what to do to make the kids happy and entertained. So, why not enjoy a holiday

2000 Ladies Perform Tenun Dance on Petitenget Beach

If this is your first time visiting Bali, you may have gathered some information of several interesting dances to see during your stay. Two of the most famous ones are Legong and Kecak. However, there are many traditional dances in this island. Some are considered sacred and only performed in temples during religious rituals, while

Buto Ijo and the Legend of Petitenget

On the 14th of September, when the big yellow sun was slowly crawling down the western sky, the opening of Petitenget Festival was held at Petitenget Beach. The festival, involving almost all member of the community of Kerobokan Village, was the first festival conducted in the area. Hundreds of people filled the beach from noon

Titi Batu Ubud Club : Bali’s Newest Sports and Recreation Centre

Titi Batu Ubud Club Opened in September 2018 and is a community, sports and wellness centre serving local residents as well as visitors. A great destination for sports and fitness fans or simply families looking for somewhere to stay active and keep children entertained: As we grow older we pay more attention to our health.

Dagger in Hand: Bali’s Baris Keris Dance

Baris dance is one important dance usually performed as the opening to a sacred ritual or big religious ceremony in temples in the villages of Bali. The dance plays an important role as it symbolises the welcoming of deities, gods and goddesses that are believed have come down from heaven to witness the rituals. The

Little Climbers: Rock Climbing in Bali

Children’s energy flows like a river in the rainy season. Looking like they rarely get tired. They run, they jump, they climb and so on. They are natural climber. They climb the furniture in the house, trees, fence and so on. Knowing the risk of falling, parents sometimes freak out watching their kids climb. If

Rejang Renteng: A Dance of the Older Generation

Balinese dances eloquently charm audiences with their signature basic movements, eye movements and curvy nature of the female dancers. Almost all of the dances on the island boast bright colours and glittery costumes. All of this is not presented in Rejang Renteng. Rejang Renteng is a variation of the Rejang Dance – the sacred dance

Get Creative: Arts & Crafts for Kids in Bali

With a careful stroke of their brush or the precise clasp of a pair of scissors, their fine motor skills slowly but surely improve and their patience is exercised. Fostering creativity helps children to develop their ability in articulating their imaginations and moods. When kids play with paints, mixing one colour with another, and find

Bali Safari Park : Animal Night Watch

Where should you take the kids this evening? While there are many entertaining evening activities for adults, there are few that cater a parents’ need of entertaining  and keeping their kids busy after sunset. Bali Safari Park, situated on Bypass Ida Bagus Mantra – Ketewel, is one of the few that offers amazing evening experience

Kepayang : Dance The Romance 

Watching a dance performance makes my heart content. And if we trace it back, it is the sweet ripe fruit of days of hard work. For the artist, their sore legs and arms are nothing to compare with thundering applause by the audience. To perform in one of Bali Art Festival’s stage is a big

Sendratari : Balinese Art, Theatre and Dance Rolled into One

In Bali, we also have musical dramas, a combination of dance and theatrical performance that also contains dialog in the Balinese language. The performance is called Sendratari, which is actually an abbreviation of Seni, Drama and Tari which translates to English as “art, theater and dance”. Sendratari is an all Balinese favorite. It is both

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