Tall Tales of Candidasa

A funny thing happened on the way to Candidasa recently. Away from the relaxed beach life of this old resort area, life goes on in very different ways. Because the very traditional village of Tenganan is just a small detour en route to Candidasa, I decided to drop by and pay a visit. But before

Ayu Sekar

Ubud Exploration

Over the years, Ubud has become a hub for those seeking exploration and adventure. No longer does Ubud sleep in the shadows as tourists and locals flock to the little ‘Town of the Artists’ hoping to surround themselves with the greenery of the surrounding area. Trekking trips, through rice fields or deeper still into dense

Heading East

This island never stops to amaze me! New things will jump out at you every single day. Every time you think you have experienced the entirety of this glorious island, most likely you will end up being surprised with something new. Last week, I took a short trip to explore the rich heritage and culture

11 Destinations That Will Show your ‘Real Bali’

We travel to experience something different, to go places our friends haven’t been and regale them with our tales when we get back. In Bali, while well-known spots like Kuta, Seminyak, and Ubud bring in millions of visitors each year, some of the lesser-known ones have minimal visitors, plenty to do, and much-needed peace and

The Melting Pot of the West

West Bali in general is a place where you can feast your eyes on awe-inspiring landscapes. The enchanting natural beauty that awaits you certainly justifies the long drive. This region is still relatively quiet (unlike its southern counterpart), and to avoid getting lost, bring a map and familiarize yourself ahead of time with two or

Bangli Beckons

Bangli regency, which is located right in the centre of Bali, boasts Lake Batur and the volcanic Mount Batur among its attractions. However Bangli has much more to offer visitors. Penglipuran is a picturesque little village which is situated only a few kilometres from the regency’s capital. The name of the village is derived from two

An Afternoon in Perancak

How far would one go just to experience a beautiful sunset? I’ll tell you how far I went: 100km away from Bali’s busy southern hub, headed for west to Perancak Village in Negara in Jembrana Regency! Quiet and isolated on Bali’s western tip, Perancak Village sits at the mouth of Perancak River, where its waters

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