Puri Anyar Kerambitan : A Palace of History

The Bali tourists of today often stay on the paths provided. By that I mean that they choose to visit destinations that thousands of people continue to go to, you know, the main thrills of Bali. I have no qualms with Bali’s main tourist sites. The majestic Tanah Lot Temple, epic Uluwatu Temple, Ubud’s entertaining

Edward Speirs

Discovering the Treasures of Gianyar Regency

Gianyar is characterised by its terraced rice fields, dense forests, and dramatic, rolling landscapes. Nature really stands out in this region, and so do the region’s villages of naturally talented artists and craftsmen. Coming through Jalan Tohpati to Gianyar, you’ll drive through Batubulan, the region’s village that is home to the island stone carvers. This

Touring Tabanan: Lakes, Rice Fields and Botanical Gardens

The green belt of Bali, Tabanan is just the place to go if you long for tranquility and relaxation – and if you would like to experience Bali in its own special and traditional nature. This beautifully landscaped regency is divided into a series of environments. The lowlands are covered with rice fields, while the

Coastal area of the West Bali National Park

West Bali: Menjangan, Bull Races and the Rice Bowl of Bali

The West of Bali is no less charming than the more famous, vibrant parts of the island that are well advertised. What makes this part of the island unforgettable? First of all, your quest to the west begins with a vast rolling paddy terrace that starts from the higher ground down to the beach where the

The Mini Borobudur at Brahmavihara Arama Buddist Monastery

North Bali: Hotsprings, Lovina and Buddhist Enclaves

North Bali’s mainstay are its rolling green hills and the authentic and traditional Balinese villages dotted across the region. Gaze upon the hills stippled with flowers and the picturesque rice fields while the local village children greet you with genuine smiles and warmth. I find it rather odd to learn that a place as beautiful

Getting Around Bali: Rules, Tricks and Tips

Being a relatively small island, it’s easy to get around Bali. But before you hit the road and ex-plore the countryside, we thought we’d share a few basic dos and don’ts that we think will help you to better understand the Island of the Gods and how things roll here. 1. Menstruating women, and women

Up, Up and Away: North Bali Escapades

Whilst the southern coast dominates Bali’s tourist scene, it is only a fraction of what this island offers. If you travel up north, towards island’s old capital, Singaraja, you’ll find a different kind of Bali – a Bali that  you and your family will surely love. First stop is the iconic Lovina Beach of the

A Mas Wood Carver Crafting a Barong Mask

Rural Gianyar: Art, Adventure and Local Life

Away from the glitz of Ubud, rural Gianyar is characterised by its terraced rice fields, dense forests, and dramatic, rolling landscapes. The vastness and beauty can be quite startling to visitors. Any visitors approaching the area will appreciate it, and it is worth stopping just to absorb the beauty of it all. As the second

Discoveries in Kintamani: Beyond Batur

Who would’ve thought that there would be so much more than a lake and volcano of Batur on the hilly region of Kintamani. Here, in addition to observing some of the most astonishing views on the island, vistas that will likely leave you breathless, you can also learn about the island’s religious history and multiculturalism.

Exploring Canggu: Surf, Sunsets and Street Art

Take a tour through Bali’s most happening area, Canggu, in this photo and travel essay with writer Joannes Rhino and photographers George Speirs and Namhar Hernanto, exploring the surf, sunsets and street art of the area.  If you are looking for a destination with new-age Bohemian vibes, Canggu has become popular for holidaymakers and local residents.

Local Nights in Tabanan

The busy town of Tabanan is a melting pot, with migrants from Java establishing a community here. And the blending of the cultures is very obvious especially at night time. In addition to the Balinese Hindu temples, mosques are decorating a good part of Tabanan. At night time you can spot the Tabanan muslim residents

Denpasar After Dark

No skyscrapers or anything metropolitan decorating the city, but Denpasar still plays a significant role as the island’s centre of growth and wealth. And when the sun has set, the capital bursts with colours, as reflected on its night markets and parks. When it comes to club hopping and partying Denpasar may not be the

Tall Tales of Candidasa

A funny thing happened on the way to Candidasa recently. Away from the relaxed beach life of this old resort area, life goes on in very different ways. Because the very traditional village of Tenganan is just a small detour en route to Candidasa, I decided to drop by and pay a visit. But before

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