Bali Pink Ribbon: Early Detection Saves Lives

Until recently, major studies regarding breast cancer amongst women was limited to the developed countries. However, recent past studies have indicated breast cancer as one of the most common type of cancer in the female population in Asia-Pacific, particularly Indonesia accounting for almost 18% of the cancer diagnoses. Based on the International Agency for Research

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Joining Bali Sports Communities

Sports Clubs are excellent facilities for people within a community to engage in recreational and competitive programmes that not only teach them discipline and teamwork but also help develop their personality in the long run. By participating in a wide range of sport events, the people in the community develop camaraderie through common interests. JimbarRUN

The John Fawcett Foundation Brings Sight Back to Bali

The quality of life for people in Indonesia is reduced as blindness plays a major hinderance in their normal living. This country is indeed suffering from such problem. World Health Organisation data has raised an alarm and states that every single minute in Indonesia sees a person go blind due to the poverty and weak

Bali Children Foundation, A Little Hope for the Little Folk

As said by Dr. Seuss, “Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not”. The obvious reference in this context is caring for the children’s welfare and giving them an opportunity to lead a normal life on the Island of Bali. Though there has been some progress

Bali Life Foundation: Giving Hope, Purpose and Dignity

Bali Life Foundation is an Indonesian and Australian registered foundation that exists for the sole purpose of providing a future and hope to the underprivileged children within its areas of operation, especially Bali. This foundation is an award-winning entity, having received many prestigious awards for its great work of improving the social and economic lives

Lucky Dog: A Tale of Hope for Bali’s Canines

Behind all the beauties of Bali, a sad-tale of a dog’s life is looming. Without a doubt stray dogs are quite evident on this island. Bali dogs are by nature free roaming animals that have wandered on the island for thousands of years. Facts show that around 90% of the population of dogs in Bali

Bumi Sehat Foundation Robin Lim

The Bumi Sehat Foundation: One Hundred Dollars To Save A Life

Childbirth is one of the most beautiful creations of the universe, and it is still considered a godly gift for which every woman yearns. The ugly truth according to the WHO, about a thousand women in the world die from causes related to pregnancy and childbirth, everyday. In developing countries, common complications such as obstruction,

Sawah Bali: The Organisation Preserving Bali’s Rice Fields

The most commonly identified issues in Bali are environmental degradation, health problems, food insecurity, identity and land loss, water scarcity and economic inequality. Due to increase in tourism, land has been sold relentlessly and development made on fertile sites. The soil in Bali is dead due to no use of biomass and excessive use of

The Zero Waste to Oceans Conference: Preventing Plastic Pollution

Atop the verdant compound of the ROLE Foundation’s centre in Nusa Dua, the views out across Bali down to the ocean were clear as crystal. This was the venue for the Zero Waste to Oceans Conference held on the 22nd of February 2017, an initiative organised by the Danish Embassy in Indonesia to create a

Eradicating Plastic in Bali

Everyone loves a holiday. You fly somewhere exotic to sit on a beach and forget about everything – your work, your problems, your waste… few people adhere to their home recycling regime when on holiday, but while you may forget, someone has to think about it. The use of plastic has become synonymous with serious

Avani Eco

Avani Eco : Replacing Bali’s Plastic [Video]

Bali’s successful tourism industry has come with a price; waste. With development increasing on the island of the gods, and with larger numbers of people coming to the island each year, Bali’s waste management has become a problem. It’s estimated that 1.5kg of rubbish is disposed of per room night of every hotel on the island.

Merah Putih Hijah Bali

Bali’s Biggest Beach Clean Up Takes 40 tons of Trash off Bali’s Beaches!

On Sunday, 19 February 2017, volunteers all across the island’s coast gathered at their local beaches for Bali’s Biggest Beach Clean Up. 1000s of individuals from children to politicians, locals and expats, came together to show their love for Bali by cleaning up the coast line and participating in Bali’s biggest beach clean-up. An initiative started by the

Empowering Remote Villages With Education and Life Skills

Established in 1998, East Bali Poverty Project (EBPP) is a non-profit organisation with the focus on the village people in the east side on Bali. Village Ban is one of their ongoing projects. It is the most remote and disadvantaged village in Bali, located on the steep and dry eastern slopes of Mount Agung and

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