Sanur Village Festival 2015

The year 2015 marks the 10th annual Sanur Village Festival (SVF) that will be held from 26 until 30 August 2015 with the theme “Dasa Warsa” at Maisonette Area, Segara Beach, Sanur Bali. SVF 2015 will bring more fun and exciting activities that are sure to cater to any type of crowd. Environment programs, festival

Linda Lim

Finding “Real” Bali

Bali is one of the most sought after island destinations in the world, with its amazing combination of natural beauty, culture, landscape, entertainment, festivals, spas, attractions, sport, wining and dining and of course, shopping. So welcome, you will have a lot of fun! One of my obsessions however is that everybody who visits Bali should

Yacht Sessions : A Bali Boat Party

Bali is surrounded by water and what better way to indulge on the Indian Ocean than sipping champagne on a luxury yacht whilst the sun goes down? This July 19th, 2015, join “Yacht Sessions 2.0: Great Tunes. Great Vibes. Upgraded.” for their second boat party in Bali. Just like their first party in May, boat-party

South Kuta Beach Penjor and Gebogan Competition

On Friday 10th July 2015, all hotels in the South Kuta Beach area will be participating in a Penjor and Gebogan Competition, organised by the South Kuta Beach Business Association (SKBBA) and Kuta Village, to prepare for Galungan. The competition will take place in the parking area of Discovery Kartika Plaza Hotel located on Jalan

Laid-Back And Trashed

Welcome to Bali! It’s the beginning of the high season and that means party time on the island. But that doesn’t mean that everyone wants to party! One of the delights of the island used to be its peaceful, sleepy atmosphere with everyone laid-back and relaxed. Now ‘relaxed’ has become ‘chilled’ and ‘laid-back’ needs high

Bali Rainbow Community Hosts Gala Charity Event

The Bali Rainbow Community (BRC) is a non-profit organization providing HIV & AIDS awareness, education and financial support for positive patients in need within the community. For more than 6 years, the BRC has been hosting fund raise charity events on every World AIDS Day, 1st December. Working together with Yayasan Kerti Praja, Gaya Dewata, 

Dig Deep And Splash Out

Welcome to Bali! A wealth of extraordinary experiences awaits you if you plan your holiday correctly, so start planning now and don’t leave it too late! The whole point of being on holiday is to refresh and revitalise yourself is it not? No, that doesn’t mean ten days sitting by the pool, although for many

“The French Connection – Festival Gastronomique” 2015

After being the pioneer of Guest Chef events in the last few years in Bali, hosting international chefs from all over the world in his two Bali based venues, celebrity Masterchef Chris Salans is now proud to bring to Indonesia, this June 2015, the very first “The French Connection – Festival Gastronomique”, an exciting four-day

Thk Awards For Begawan Foundation

Begawan Foundation, on April 1st, was the proud recipient of a Tri Hita Karana Nugraha Awards for 2015. The award, containing universal values whose concept and implementation does not discriminate in terms of ethnic group, race, ancestry and religion, was given by a selection committee, led by Bali Travel News. There were only eight recipients,


Welcome to Bali and I hope you are not feeling too good. I’m sorry that doesn’t sound like a great welcome but there is a reason for it! Over the years Bali has become a major centrefor the “wellness” business which combines traditional and non-traditional methods of reviving tired bodies (and minds!) and has probably

Welcome To Bali

This issue is a first for us, focusing on “Sunsets”, but I think it’s a great idea. This magazine has a very clear philosophy, supporting culture, heritage, nature and all things relating to “Real Bali”. Over the years we have written about fields and mountains, rivers and lagoons, dances and ceremonies, but something that everyone

Welcome To The World’s Greatest Archipelago

The very idea of an island is so full of romance and mystery that we can lose perspective that it is just a piece of land surrounded by water. But it’s that separation, that distance, that difficulty of access, that feeling of isolation that feeds the magic. Bali is an island but is so big

Lover’s Ridge

A quiet village, with lush padi as far as the eye can see; Ubud’s exquisite nature and its simplicity of life was once the perfect atmosphere for budding artists to find inspiration, allowing them to make beautiful pieces of art or intricate handicraft. However, such a wonderful spot could not stay a secret forever and

Now Bali