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Welcome to Bali! It’s the beginning of the high season and that means party time on the island. But that doesn’t mean that everyone wants to party!

One of the delights of the island used to be its peaceful, sleepy atmosphere with everyone laid-back and relaxed. Now ‘relaxed’ has become ‘chilled’ and ‘laid-back’ needs high volume music to achieve the desired state of bliss!

All okay for those who are partying but not so good for those who are on holiday with small kids tired out after a day on the beach and in the pool, not good at all for those who are here for absolute rest and relaxation.

So please spare a thought for those not at your hip event, turn down that music at a reasonable time and let everyone enjoy their part of Bali, in peace.

Now on to the theme of this month’s issue:
Coastal Living, and with it a big reminder: seemingly limitless ocean out there is rapidly filling with garbage and trash. At some points on the year’s tidal and current cycles Bali’s beaches get inundated with refuse, all thrown carelessly away by unthinking, undisciplined and uneducated people who take a crystal clear blue ocean and turn it into a muddy sludge through sheer idiocy. If only I could find them!

Living on the coast is only wonderful if you care for the water and the beach. If you don’t it becomes a place to avoid not enjoy, a place where you have to watch where you step, not kick off your shoes and revel in the delight of sand between your toes.

Which is it for you? Care or catastrophe? Blasting music or peace? I hope it’s the right answer – every time.

Many thanks and enjoy every moment on Bali.
Alistair G. Speirs 


NOW Bali Editorial Team

NOW Bali Editorial Team

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