On Friday 10th July 2015, all hotels in the South Kuta Beach area will be participating in a Penjor and Gebogan Competition, organised by the South Kuta Beach Business Association (SKBBA) and Kuta Village, to prepare for Galungan.

The competition will take place in the parking area of Discovery Kartika Plaza Hotel located on Jalan Kartika. The Penjor Competition will be from 8am to 2pm and the Gebogan Competition will be from 10am to 1pm.

Galungan is a Balinese holiday that signifies the victory of Virtue (Dharma) over Evil (Adharma). During this time, the Balinese gods and ancestral spirits descend to Earth to be honoured.

The Penjor is a slender, eight-metre high, gracefully arching bamboo pole, festooned with colourful flowers, fruit, unhusked rice and palm frond ornamentation, with an offering at the base. This is used by the Hindus in Bali as part of almost every important ceremony, especially for the anniversary temple celebrations.

All the SKBBA hotels, together with other businesses in the area, will place their penjor in front of the entrance to their premises. Visitors to the South Kuta Beach area will be amazed by the beautiful, Balinese atmosphere within the South Kuta Beach streets during this 10-day celebration.

All bamboos for the competition have been supplied by the SKBBA with the objective to encourage other businesses and the local communities to take part in the competition, which in turn will pull the community together, create an attraction, and educate visitors about the Balinese Hindu culture and traditions.

There will be at least 40 Penjors and Gebogans, and a jury will be selecting the winner at around noon prior to placing all the Penjors on the streets on Friday afternoon. This is the Association’s third penjor and first gebogan competition, now collaborating with Kuta Village, with the aim that it will become an attraction that will grow year after year, showcasing the culture and keeping the traditional skills alive.

The South Kuta Beach Business Association is a group of hotels, restaurants and attractions that specifically market the South Kuta Beach strip and ensure the safety and enjoyment of tourists visiting the area through various environmental and security initiatives. For more information visit