Padma Resort Ubud

At Padma Resort Ubud, sustainability is at the forefront of its practices as it strives to source locally and minimise its environmental footprint. As you explore the vast 10-hectare tropical oasis of the resort, you’ll witness sustainability in action, from the eco-friendly practices to the immaculate flavours on your plate.

The moment you arrive at the resort, you’ll see a 3-hectare Agroforestry Garden where you can also embark on an Agroforestry Tour programme where you’ll discover the extensive and diverse tapestry of plants they cultivate. Taste the sweetness of freshly picked tropical fruits, if you’re lucky, you can even indulge in the king of fruits, the durian, harvested right before your eyes. A short walk from the agroforestry garden, you‘ll come across the animal garden, where guests can interact directly and feed the animals there, including deer, otters, rabbits, and more.

At the resort, they proudly work together with many local produces, especially in the Payangan area. These partnerships extend beyond mere business but as a commitment to uplift the community and promote local prosperity. Together they create mutual support, enriching the wellbeing of their partners and the environment.

The resort’s commitment to sustainability is reflected in every aspect of its daily operations. Every morning, the dedicated garden caretaker meticulously harvests an abundance of fresh herbs, edible flowers, crispy vegetables, and juicy fruits from the Agroforestry Garden. The kitchen team then utilises these garden treasures and transforms them into culinary delights that tantalise your palates while supporting sustainable agriculture.


For vegan and vegetarian guests, they’ve carefully and thoughtfully crafted a delectable plant-based menu using produce straight from the garden. Available at all dining outlets, guests can indulge in Asian delicacies such as the Vegan Thai Curry and Vegan Bihun Goreng at The Puhu Restaurant, or through in-room dining. For flavours of the Mediterranean, indulge in vegan and vegetarian delights at The Pool Bar & Café with the likes of Imam Bayildi, a Turkish-style stuffed eggplant, and the Halloumi Wrap, a Greek-style wrap with Halloumi cheese. Moreover, guests can sip and savour a variety of cocktails and mocktails concocted with garden-fresh ingredients at Payangan Lounge, offering options such as the Kecombrang Mule cocktail and Passion Delight mocktail.

Explore the sustainability efforts of Padma Resort Ubud while savouring the fresh ingredients from the Agroforestry, served directly to your table.

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Padma Resort Ubud
Banjar Carik, Desa Puhu Payangan, Ubud
+62 812 358 5924

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