Perfect Privacy at Villa Shinta Dewi

Villa Shinta Dewi is a beautifully managed villa in Ubud, where you will find yourself immersed in a private  enclave, surrounded by rural nature and blue skies All roads in Bali basically go up and down volcanoes on the ridges with rivers flowing down in between creating beautiful landscapes. Ubud is very much defined by

Alistair G. Speirs

Blanco Par Mandif: Honouring Indonesian Flavours

Hanging on the cliff-face under the renowned Blanco Renaissance Museum, Blanco Par Mandif certainly turns the heads of those passing by. With its unique location, this fine dining restaurant serving gastronomy styled Indonesian food, enjoys views over Ubud’s Tjampuan Bridge, Lebah Temple and the lush valley that holds it all together. It was here that

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Guardians: The Myths Behind Bali’s Wildlife

When talking about animals in Bali, West Bali National Park is a prime example of how wildlife can thrive in a protected area, especially when it is 190 square kilometres. But instead going to the north-western tip of the island, for this edition we take you to the outskirts of Ubud, Mengwi and learn about

Desa Visesa Bali Balinese Living Arts Performance

Balinese Living Arts: Ubud’s Newest Cultural Performances

Immerse yourself in a brand new cultural exposé in Ubud with Balinese Living Arts; two daily performances that blend drama, dance and music to present some of the island’s most treasured stories.  Not a day goes by in Bali when a traditional dance is not being performed, whether it is the youthful apprentices practicing in the village

Ubud Art Market. Photo by Joannes Rhino

The Pasar: Exploring Traditional Markets in Bali

When you are going to the traditional markets, you should try to enter a local mindset – and this means knowing how to bargain. These markets offer a wide range of items for you to haggle on. Here we guide you through where to go, what to do and highlight some rules of thumb when

Exploring the Ubud Art Market

Shopping is not an Ubud specialty. Yet, owing to its position at the centre of numerous art and craft communities, the bustling Ubud Market is definitely one of the best places to get your Bali souvenirs from. You will find only a few internationally-branded stores and leading surf brands along with local fashion retails in

Alila Ubud Swimming Pool

The Iconic Alila Ubud Pool: Open for Public

The Alila Ubud pool is internet famous. Perhaps one of the most photographed swimming pools on the island, this stretching infinity heaven elongates over a hill, looking out to a secluded valley of Payangan, an area just north of Ubud. Previously the pool was reserved for hotel guests only, leaving it as a luxury only

Eastern Promises in Ubud

Ah the promises of the east. The mystery, the allure, the food is always exotic. Always, there is a tang of some exotic spice, or, in the case of Japanese, the intricate preparation with the amazing attention to detail. Today we visit two Japanese restaurants, each very different in philosophy and presentation. Ryoshi is already

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