Nestled on the Legian shoreline, Pullman Bali Legian Beach hosted its annual event, a captivating evening dubbed the ‘Artist Playground: Beyond Duality’ by Sastia Naresvari. The lively event celebrated the harmonious coexistence of opposites and the interconnected human experience through art, music, and fashion.

Showcasing over 50 thought-provoking works of art that challenge traditional boundaries and invite viewers to discover unity within contrasts, Sastia Naresvari’s enthralling exhibition captivated guests with masterpieces that defy binary notions, promoting reflection and exploration of the subconscious.

Sastia Naresvari’s Spellbinding Artwork

Artist Playground 6

A self-taught artist celebrated for her dynamic and expressive style, Sastia Naresvari invited guests to discover her intriguing artworks in her latest exhibition, “Beyond Duality”. Her creations enchanted guests as the riveting contrast of blank spaces and vivid colours offered a deep dive into the subconscious mind. Originally guided by her mentor, Didit Slenthem, the grandson of the late Mr. Affandi, Indonesia’s grand maestro of expression painting, Sastia’s creative process is deeply intertwined with meditation and live painting sessions, utilising various tools, including her own body, to bring her visions to life in a ceremonial dance of colours and forms.

In “Beyond Duality”, Sastia confidently challenged the traditional boundaries of art. Through vibrant hues and expressive brushstrokes, she produced a visual symphony that resonated with the interconnectedness of human experience. Viewers were encouraged to look beyond the surface, exploring the unity within contrasts. Her artworks defied the binary notion of “either-or”, inviting guests to see both sides altogether. The explosive colours and dynamic compositions sparked reflection and subconscious exploration, providing a cathartic journey towards unity and boundless potential.

Dazzling Fashion Showcases and Performances

Guests were welcomed by the tastefully decorated Lobby and Alun-Alun Garden, where the runway sprung to life with exquisite fashion shows curated by renowned designer, Inggi Kendran, and the prestigious fashion house, Bali Citra Kebaya. The fashion shows were more than just clothing displays, they celebrated creativity and pushed the boundaries of style. Models strutted down the runway, exhibiting the latest haute couture worn by national-level pageantries. The vibrant colours, intricate details, and confident walks set an energetic tone for the night.

The evening’s highlight included a spectacular dance performance by Naluri Manca, the golden buzzer finalist on Indonesia’s Got Talent. Their graceful movement breathed life into Sastia Naresvar’s artistic visualisation. Their bodies seemingly defied gravity, interlacing stories of passion, struggle and triumph. Mesmerising everyone with their expression, precision, and sheer artistry, Naluri Manca’s performance left an unforgettable impression on guests.

The night continued with classic disco tunes and R&B beats by DJ Yotta, renowned for his expertise in reading the crowd and seamlessly transitioning nostalgic tunes to fresh remixes. The infectious beats enlivened the evening and transformed the Alun-Alung Garden into an energetic artistic haven.

Commitment to Creativity

The exhibition teleported guests beyond the ordinary, obscuring the lines between reality and imagination. Stepping into the enchanting realm, guests were immersed in the tapestry of colours, textures and emotions, where each brushstroke on the canvas whispered secrets of existence, inviting introspection and connection. The fusion of visual storytelling and raw emotion, combined with Sastia’s masterful curation, encouraged guests to explore their depths and recognise the threads that bind humanity. The event was beyond an exhibition, it was a journey and an invitation to celebrate the profound beauty of duality.

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