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The ‘Brave’ Monkeys of Uluwatu Temple: A Bali Myth

Pura Luhur Uluwatu is notoriously inhabited by long-tail macaques. Legend has it, these indigenous monkeys were once brave warriors to the Hindu high-priest who built the temple. Behind the tourist charm of the sea temple lie stories that may remain as myths. Perched on the edge of a limestone cliff jutting into the Indian Ocean,

Plastic Exchange: The ‘Plastic for Rice’ Movement Grows

“It’s spreading like wildfire,” says I Made Janur Yasa filled to the brim with enthusiasm; the kind we need in these trying times. Plastic For Rice is a barter scheme that aims to turn Bali’s environmental pollution issues into an opportunity to use plastic waste as a currency for food. The Plastic Exchange Initiative, as

The Music of Movies: Soundtracks that Make the Movie

Songs and sounds are often overlooked in a movie, when in fact these are key components to the concoction. Beyond the dynamics of excellent actor-director pairings, there is the sonic experience that film directors immerse themselves into, where epic collaborations with sound designers take place. Huge names in film like Gus Van Sant and Studio

Bali’s Art Landscape, Insight from Bali’s Curators

Since the Kamasan era, Balinese art has largely been associated with traditional paintings. Army of ART•BALI and art curator Savitri Sastrawan, beg to differ, expressing how this no longer applies and should be detached from popular belief. We take a look at the development of art on the island from the eyes of these ‘caretakers’

In the Name of Love: Bali’s Notorious ‘Love Magic’

Whilst witchcraft was largely condemned in the ancient west, professional magic practitioners are widespread in Bali even today. With black magic being a popular resort to attract love, bending another’s will for admiration is not an uncommon practice on the island. Should we be worried? The old Indonesian saying ‘cinta ditolak, dukun bertindak’ (when love

When Music Meets Literature: Songs Inspired by Poetry

Whilst stealing by nature carries criminal connotations, musicians (and Picasso) will preach that even the greats will borrow. One might find that, actually, passages from T.S. Eliot canvassing the artistic theft of other’s work actually contributes to the creation of new art. If, like us, you have wondered which comes first: the music or the

The Bali Break-Up Curse

Planning a romantic holiday normally entails the thrill of chasing idyllic destinations and intimate activities. Thanks to a folktale circulating online, the Bali ‘breakup curse’ is digested as more than just a myth. It has seen couples discarding travel plans, dismissing the true beauty of the island. Have you come across stories about the couple’s

The Women of Bali: Overcoming Expectations

Balancing a bucket on her head and another in hand, she carries the first load of water back from the public well. It takes her seven more trips to fill the gebeh for her family to bathe and the terracotta vessels to begin her duties in the kitchen. All by the break of dawn. With

Lembu Putih Taro : Holy White Cows of Taro Village

When cows provide beef and dairy elsewhere in the world, this Balinese village worships white bovines and uses their urine as medicine. What’s so sacred about them? There is a Balinese term ‘mule keto’ that loosely translates to the familiar saying ‘it is what it is.’ If one questions a local as to why things

Is ‘Nature Healing’ in Quiet Bali?

With the term ‘Nature is Healing’ becoming popular over the internet during Covid-19 lockdowns worldwide, NOW! Bali speaks to environmental experts on the island to see whether this trend was also visible in Bali. The reduction in human activity during the outbreak has reportedly had fascinating impacts. When cities came to a sudden standstill, the

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