Ubud Art Market. Photo by Joannes Rhino

The Pasar: Exploring Traditional Markets in Bali

When you are going to the traditional markets, you should try to enter a local mindset – and this means knowing how to bargain. These markets offer a wide range of items for you to haggle on. Here we guide you through where to go, what to do and highlight some rules of thumb when

Hidden Adventures in Bedugul

Being an explorer or an adventurer in today’s world is not like it used to be. Almost everything has already been ‘discovered’, yet we still yearn to find somewhere we can call our own. Ah, to feel just a fraction of the thrill great explorers felt when they found new lands. Are there still ‘secret

Gala Gala Underground House in Nusa Lembongan

Aside from being an ideal spot for those seeking tranquility, Nusa Lembongan is renowned for its fantastic diving spots. But what most visitors to this tiny island aren’t aware of is that Lembongan houses are very unique, as they are underground! Unlike his name, Made Byasa (Byasa/biasa, meaning ordinary in Bahasa Indonesia) is an extraordinary

Sangeh Monkey Forest

Magical Monkeys and Trees of Sangeh

It was in the 17th century when an adopted son of the King of Mengwi received a heavenly message to build a temple on Sari Hill in Mengwi. When he first arrived and saw this place for the first time he worried that perhaps his divine message was really a wrong number. This was the

Along Ida Bagus Mantra

You don’t need us to tell you that the sunset views along Bali’s south coast is eye-candy of the first degree, that the cliffs of Uluwatu are a majestic treat or that Nusa Penida’s underwater adventure with wandering manta rays is breathtaking. But there are other experiences one can have on the island that are

Tukad Cepung Waterfall: A Hidden Gem

Water is the most perfect traveller because it becomes the path itself when it travels. Sometimes we need to follow a path to undertake the most beautiful journey of our life. There are innumerable paths in Bali that will lead you to untouched places, and if you push yourself a bit harder to really explore

The Magical, Mysterious Danau Tamblingan

For a lake that is so far away and so remote, the misty and mystical Danau Tamblingan gets mighty crowded at sunrise. One of the holy trinity of lakes lying by Bedugul, her quiet beauty attracts hordes of people who come to take advantage of her remoteness and natural charm which is at its best

Hot Spring Healing

The first things to pop up in your head when you hear the word “Bali” is probably the beach or surfing. Indeed, this island is full of amazing beaches and great waves but, if you are open to other ways to ‘submerge’ yourself, you will find that Bali also has many natural hot springs to

Bedugul Botanical Garden (4)

The Bedugul Botanical Garden : A Nature-Filled Refuge

The highlands of Bedugul are begging to be explored – green, cool and full of adventure. It is the perfect escape from the sweltering heat of the island’s southern coast, making it an ideal destination for a family day out. These verdant hills can best be explored on foot within the sweeping landscape of Bedugul

Guwang’s Hidden Canyon

From downtown Seminyak, packed with fine establishments, and the ranks of starred and luxury resorts in Nusa Dua to the coastal villages of Amed and lush greenery of Jembrana, Bali is filled with both astonishing man-made and breathtaking natural attractions. But if you look closer, there are hidden gems throughout the island waiting to be

6 Beaches Off The Beaten Track

It’s easy to get disheartened when you are constantly disturbed by the din and activity of one of Bali’s overcrowded beaches. Sometimes, all you want is to escape the crowds and get away to a truly secluded beach. On hearing of a few such beaches from a local friend, I jumped at the opportunity to

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