Lots of sun, clear waters and consistent sea swells, surfing in Bali has gained popularity over the years. With wonderful weather throughout the year and patches of wet season, the island has become a surfer’s – and water sports – paradise. But, where are the best surf spots in Bali? Here’s what the experts say.

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Best Time to Surf in Bali

The peak surf season starts from early April and spans until October. This expansive period offers surfers an opportunity to bounce around from one surfing spot to another. The wet season for a brief period from November to mid of February might be a little off for the surfers, but the waves with height up to 5 feet is consistent throughout the year for surfing.

Best Surf Spots in Bali
Suluban Beach, Uluwatu

Best Surf spots in Bali

Many surfing spots are located in the southern part of the island. Situated between Tanah lot and Seminyak, with Canggu Beach becoming one of the happening best surf spots in Bali. This beach bordering a coastal village on the island with its typical black sands of the coastline for this area. The beaches in this area including Batu Bolong, Echo, and Canggu (or Berawa Beach) have the necessary surf breaks that are popular these days among surfers across the world. The area around the beach is also scenic in nature with well-maintained rice fields that makes it one of Bali’s chosen expatriate regions as well as a surfing zone. From novice to experienced surfers, this coastal region offers everyone something of their choice.

Best Surf Spots in Bali
Echo Beach

Travelling to Uluwatu area, there are several beaches worth surfing. About two miles north of Jimbaran village, the stunning sandy area of Padang Padang Beach is quite well-known not just among surfers but also leisure travellers. Surfers find great enjoyment surfing here as the left and right breaks are consistent. The reef break offers a great challenge to professional surfers. For beginners and novice surfers, the right area with calm and unbroken waves makes surfing an enjoyable activity. Best time to surf is on dry season due to the winds flowing from the southeast to the west, stimulating powerful waves in the area. In addition, Padang Padang Beach regularly hosts international surfing competitions throughout the year, and during these events the beach can be quite crowded — this makes it one the best surf spots in Bali.

Best Surf Spots in Bali
Surfer at Padang Padang

Next to Padang Padang Beach and before reaching at the village of Bingin, Impossible Beach is less crowded compared to other surfing spots on the island. Surfing on the waters at Impossible Beach is for experienced surfers only. It’s name, Impossible, refers to how difficult it is to reach the beach as it is a challenging hurdle. The long stretch of reef in this area offers a few take off spots. The waves here can be tricky and fast. On certain times during the day, there is a combination of good swells and winds that can together ensure surfers to get a long ride. The waves on this spot is fast, allowing pro-surfers to hone their skills and enjoy a long ride on glassy waves.

Best Surf Spots in Bali
Impossible Beach

Semi-hidden in the Uluwatu surf break zone, Suluban Beach is particularly favoured by professional surfers with massive waves reaching up to 12 feet in height. Part of the Uluwatu Surf Spot and close to many famous surf points, the Suluban beach is a world class surfing point. Surfers can enjoy the ride on the waves anytime of the day, especially during the dry season when the waves are potent yet steady, providing a thrilling surfing experience. With the option of consistent good quality surfing, this spot ranks among the favourite of surfers. Suluban Beach also attracts leisure travellers for its breath-taking view of the Indian Ocean at sunset. There are many souvenir shops available along the way to the beach, making sure you have a reminder to bring home.

Best Surf Spots in Bali
Suluban Beach

Not far from the scenic Uluwatu Temple in the Pecatu village, Uluwatu Beach offers a great surf spot for wave hunting surfers. The waves are great and powerful with typically long swells, making it pleasant for the pro-surfers to execute their style on waves. With wave heights on an average at 5 feet, the dry season is the best time for surfing out here. Waves are consistent throughout the day and peaks at different times to offer thrills for surf addicts. The addition of stunning scenic view of Uluwatu Temple on the Indian Ocean makes Uluwatu Beach a secluded surfer’s paradise on the island for the ultimate surfing experience.

Best Surf Spots in Bali
Batu Bolong, Canggu

Sanur / Denpasar
In Denpasar area, Serangan village was a small island that was formed from sand sediment. Nowadays, connectivity is through a permanent bridge to this lovely surf spot of Serangan Beach. Whilst not one of the best surf spots in Bali , with powerful waves and opportunities for both right and left handers, this is a typical place for the experienced surfers to have plenty of action on the waves. Near the beach, the water is calm but at the shore break the waves are big and strong, making this place a surfer’s delight. Not just for surfers, Serangan Beach is getting more visits from leisure tourists due to its perfect conditions for other water activities.

Going a little further to the east, the black sands of Keramas Beach is an excellent surfing spot for experienced surfers. Located about one-hour drive from Denpasar, this new addition to the surfing spots in Bali is ideal for big and fast waves that are challenging to conquer. The waves are best surfed mid to low, since they are fast and with sturdy power. The end sections of this area are both shallow and contain sharp reefs. Care should be taken while surfing in this area. The beach is also blessed by the sweet and romantic views of the sunset.

West Bali
Travelling three hours towards the West of Bali from the crowded Kuta Beach you will discover Medewi Beach, one of the more distant destinations but still among the best surf spots in Bali . With peaceful vibes and a sea breeze that blankets the entire sea shore, Medewi Beach is praised by surfers due to the characteristics of its waves. The consistent and inviting waves are not only suitable for novice surfers, but the waves at high tides with their left hand breaks is truly something to experience. It is possible to catch long wave rides of the duration of more than thirty seconds. When the wave connects with the inside section, surfing becomes even more enjoyable. Best time to surf is during the dry season because the wind blows from the east to the west, creating such big waves to pump up your adrenaline. With warm water and friendly locals, and a not so crowded atmosphere, surfing here is pleasant from dawn to dusk.

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