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Today, economic growth is so focused in the south of Bali, where tourism booms and dominates. There are however, remote communities that do not reap many benefits from this growth and are left marginalised. Without money, education and with poor standards of living, there is little hope for them to improve their way of life.

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Sun, Surf and Style

This boutique hotel is all about affordable luxury, with 66 rooms and lifestyle facilities for modern guests looking to experience the very best of Bali. It is just a stone’s throw away from the upbeat surf scene of Legian Beach and is part of a lively area teeming with shops, restaurants and bars.

Awaken the Heritage

With its striking nautical décor and retro touches, The Kuta Beach Heritage Hotel offers guests a taste of old-fashioned, yet glamorous, seaside charm. The details related to surfing, yachting, fishing and seafaring which are displayed throughout the hotel are quirky while the facilities and standard of service are befitting to the luxury and sophistication of a

Climbing Mount Agung: Ascending the Holy Mountain

Climbing Mount Agung for sunrise is probably one of the most spectacular outdoor experiences ever. Breathtaking – both physically and metaphorically – battling this great, active volcano through night and day is a rewarding challenge for any nature lover out there.  Mount Agung is found in East Bali, in the regency of Karangasem. This towering,

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