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Home to over 17 thousand islands, Indonesia has a plethora of stunning destinations with inherent natural beauty to explore, which is why it has ranked first in Forbes Magazine’s “The World’s 50 Most Beautiful Countries” list in 2022. Places like Bali have become one of the most popular destinations for globetrotters, especially Ubud, which has

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A Peek Inside John Hardy Kapal Bamboo Boutique’s Renewed Look

World-renowned luxury jewellery brand, John Hardy, proudly unveils the newly remodelled interiors of its iconic cathedral-structured Kapal Bamboo Boutique in Mambal. The new look has been refurbished to mirror its surrounding oasis and personify the John Hardy ethos. Graciously nestled amidst a 100-acre sanctuary, the dramatic cathedral-inspired Kapal Bamboo Boutique was conceptualised by Cheong Yew


Tumpek Landep: Bali Blesses its Metals

If you find yourself in Bali on the day called Tumpek Landep, you will be surprised to see offerings put on cars, motorbikes, machines and metal instruments of all types. For which purpose, you will certainly wonder? So let us explain it to you. Tumpek Landep is the day dedicated to metal in the 210-day

Sundara - David Gavin

Sundara Appoints New Head Chef and Introduces Reimagined Menu

Nestled on the shores of Jimbaran Bay, the iconic Sundara has long been one of the most favoured destinations for both residents and visitors of Bali. Consistently providing fresh experiences to guests, Sundara has appointed a new Head Chef, David Gavin, to spearhead the culinary team along with a revamped menu inspired by Jimbaran’s famed


New Book ‘Ancient Spirit of Bali’ Documents Rare & Unusual Sacred Rituals

NOW! Bali Contributor, Richard Horstman, reviews a new book released by Balinese photographer, Ida Bagus Putra Adnyana, titled ‘Ancient Spirit of Bali – the great richness of religious traditions’:- Western culture views humans as separate from and superior to the nonhuman world. Balinese culture on the contrary offers profound insight into our links to nature.

Escoffier Week: International Culinary Legends Descend on Bali in November

From 7 to 10 November 2022, Disciples Escoffier International (DEI), a nonprofit culinary organisation with 30,000+ chefs in 30+ countries, will celebrate its Escoffier Week, headlined “Meet you in Bali.” The 4-day extravaganza, which is to be hosted by Disciples Escoffier Asia-Pacific, is set to hold activities ranging from a French Gastronomy Exhibition to a


Halloween in Bali 2022 : Parties and Celebrations

It’s everyone’s favourite time of the year to dress up! Halloween in Bali is filled with huge parties and celebrations – both for families and party-goers — where the island’s festive folk dress up, slap on face paint and find the liveliest fiestas around town. With the island now open and venues back in full-swing, Halloween

Carnival of Lost Souls: Savaya Bali’s Epic Halloween Party Returns

One of Bali’s most anticipated Halloween parties will be taking place atop the cliffs of Uluwatu at the famous day club venue, Savaya Bali. Due to popular demand, the iconic destination is bringing back their seasonal celebration from last year with the 2nd Annual Carnival of Lost Souls. Savaya is found upon the soaring limestone cliffs

Supporting Breast Cancer Awareness Month in Bali: Fundraisers and Events [2022]

October is known internationally as Breast Cancer Awareness Month; this global health campaign helps organisations increase awareness of the disease and raise funds for crucial treatment, prevention and/or research. In Bali, this is spearheaded by Bali Pink Ribbon, taking their name from the iconic ‘pink ribbons’ that have been the symbol for breast cancer. Founded

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Chef Wayan Sutariawan Revives Forgotten Indonesian Recipes Through New Cookbook Memoir

Home to over 17,000 islands, the Indonesian archipelago is blessed with eclectic and rich cultural and culinary diversity. With a mission to restore the forgotten recipes from across Indonesia, Wayan Sutariawan, Head Chef at the Four Seasons Resort Bali at Sayan, has written a cookbook memoir entitled ‘Cherished Recipes From My Childhood’ to immortalise these

the kelusa

The Kelusa Reimagined: Offering an Elevated Multisensory Experience

The award-winning Samsara Ubud resort continually strives to evolve and adapt to bring forth new and innovative offerings to its guests. With this goal in mind, they have revamped The Kelusa, the on-site dining destination at the resort, inviting guests to embark on a multisensory dining experience amidst the enchanting Payangan rainforest. Set to open

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