Divine Nights at Mirror

Sleeping behind Gardin Bistro and Patisserie during the day, Mirror awakens at night to give the island’s nocturnal natives a truly memorable party destination. Being part of the stirring Seminyak scene, Mirror’s presence and style entices Bali’s most elegant and glamorous denizens. The club’s unique façade takes the form of a gothic cathedral, with authentic

A Taste Of The Wild

Feeling adventurous? Here’s a restaurant that has gone a step beyond the usual by using unique themed décor to offer diners a one of kind dining experience. Nothing is exaggerated at Safari Chic; this means no flame torches or animals climbing on trees. But the stylish animal printed furniture and walls that are lined with

Hujan Locale its Raining Flavors in Ubud

In a place where restaurants open with the regularity of rain showers, Ubud’s newest restaurant is called Hujan Locale, ‘hujan’ meaning rain in Indonesian– an evocative name that evokes images of rich, rain-washed pastures and growing rice. This latest addition to the creations of super chef Will Meyrick of Sarong and Mamasan fame is placing

A Grand Induction At Sofitel Bali

The Chaine des Rotisseurs is the oldest and largest food and wine appreciation society in the world. Their events bring chefs, connoisseurs and devotees of the culinary worldtogether under one roof, to enjoy not only the rich flavours of a fine wine and a fabulously prepared dish, but also the company of their fellow members.

Dining Snippet

A FASHIONABLE WAY TO ENJOY AFTERNOON  TEA AT SHERATON BALI KUTA RESORT Sheraton Bali Kuta Resort has announced its new afternoon tea experience for guests with Fashion A to Tea, a stylish way to enjoy the cultural activity known for its soothing and social aspects. Fashion A to Tea, an ideal afternoon respite during a

Padma Resort Legian – New Hotel Manager

Padma Resort Bali at Legian has just recently announced the appointment of Ari Wibowo to the position of Hotel Manager. Ari took up the new role in January 2015, bringing with him his lifelong passion and expertise in hospitality industry to the Legian’s five-star resort.

A Retreat in A Busy Street

Shop till you drop, straight into Kaiana Spa Lining the busy streets of Seminyak are rows and rows of shopping goodness. A quick window shopping session quickly turns into 3 hours of new shoes, clothes and souvenirs! This over-indulgent procurement of goodies

Love in Paradise

The pristine, white-sandy beach of Ayodya Resort Bali attracts many sun worshippers during the daytime. When the sun goes down, a private table for two is set and rose petals are laid on the sand, leading to an evening of romantic affairs. The mood undoubtedly breathes love.

For The Love of Chocolate

It starts with a slow bite; your teeth sink slowly through the smooth, creamy texture until they meet in the middle. A small chunk falls onto your tongue, and as it melts a little from the heat of your mouth, the dark chocolate flavours ooze onto your taste buds. Then, as the natural cocoa seeps

Sweet as Chocolate

Imagine the richest, darkest, most decadent chocolate desserts you’ve ever eaten. Then try a taste of some Bali’s best chocolate desserts as we’ve listed down here. You won’t be disappointed! OPERA Almond sponge cake with a coffee and chocolate filling and icing. Monsieur Spoon JalanKayuCendana No.2, Oberoi, Seminyak (next to Seminyak Square), Phone: 0878 6280

Cascades – A Place For Romance

Sultry Ubud is always a place for romance. Look what happened to Julia Roberts in the movie, “Eat Pray, Love”. You could almost say, “love is in the air” without being too far off track. So as a place to celebrate Valentine’s Day what could be better. Plenty of options avail themselves and which one

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