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The 11th Ubud Village Jazz Festival (UVJF) will take place on 2 to 3 August 2024, bringing a host of renowned jazz musicians to Bali over one grand, musical weekend. Partnering with their host STHALA Ubud Portfolio Hotel, the festival has taken a new official name as the Sthala Ubud Village Jazz Festival.

The origins of UVJF are traced back to small jazz concerts and jam sessions between Yuri Mahatma and Anom Darsana. Their vision was to create an international jazz festival in Bali, run by local talents, but inviting global community of performers. As such, the festival began in 2013 and has since grown and evolved every year since its inception.

The founders are proud of their steadfast commitment to exclusively showcasing pure jazz music and performances where many festivals have broadened their scopes. This has proved popular, as real jazz lovers can be sure to expect some of the world’s top performers in the genre. The line-up for UVJF 2024 includes both domestic and international artists, including the likes of: Adien Fazmail Quinteto (Indonesia), Benny Irawan Trio (Indonesia), Claude Diallo with Indra Gupta and Gustu Brahmanta (Switzerland-Indonesia), Collective Harmony (Indonesia), Eric Chong Trio with Kanhaiya (Hongkong-Indonesia), New Centropezn (Russia), Noe Clerc Trio (France), Simone Prattico Trio (Italy), to name just a few!

The festival experience is enhanced by its exceptional audio setup and an impressive venue layout that sprawls down the riverfront resort of STHALA Ubud. Other than the performances, attendees can enjoy a variety of food and beverage vendors.

Tickets are available online or in person:
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