Designer Erika Peña Opens Fourth Store in Ubud

Erika Peña, with her multi-cultural upbringing, has brought fashion and jewellery designs into culturally sound pieces of fashionable art that has captured the attention of fashionistas worldwide. The influence of her travels and cultures has led her to becoming a universal sensation. Peña, the daughter of Dominican parents, moved to Florida at the age of

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Shoppin’ In The Rain: All You Need for Rain in Bali

The monsoon is here. Whilst it’s not always sunshine and rainbows even on paradise islands like Bali, don’t let the wet weather rain on your parade. To embrace Bali and all its rainy glory, we have listed a few items for you to stay dry and warm. Waterproof Camera Bad weather shouldn’t ruin a picture

Uniqlo Arrives in Bali

From Tokyo to Denpasar, UNIQLO Indonesia has opened its first store in Bali at Mal Bali Galeria. The store occupies a sales area of more than 2,000 square metres on the second floor where customers can find high-quality collections of UNIQLO products that serve the need of clothing for men, women and kids. With the

The Boutiques of Batu Bolong

Dubbed by many as a hipster paradise, Canggu is Seminyak’s quieter little sister. The district’s relaxed atmosphere serves as its most attractive appeal and travellers have fallen for its charm. Amidst the black sand and emerald rice terraces, we’ll walk you through Batu Bolong, one of Canggu’s buzzing streets, that is dotted with shopping spots

Apasajah Jewellery : Made from “Whatever”

A new. exciting jewellery line has just recently been launched, inspired and created by the young and young at heart.   Called Apasajah, loosely translated to “whatever”, simply because it’s ‘whatever’ we feel like doing, feel like wearing, without rules and without care, the designers of the jewellery brand are having fun with their new

Head to Toe: Sensatia Botanicals All New Aloe Vera Botanical Gel

Continuing to thrive in developing all-natural skincare, Sensatia Botanicals launches their new Aloe Vera Botanical Gel, which is applicable for usage from head to toe.  Aloe vera gel has been known to have several properties that are effective in treating a variety of skin conditions, from dry skin, hair and scalp problems and many more.

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Pucker Up for Sensatia’s All-New, al Naturale Lip Care Collection

Indonesia’s leading natural beauty care brand has launched their new and improved lip care collection. One of the most sought after products of Sensatia Botanicals, the brand’s new lip care collection features reformulated lip balms and an addition of a natural lip scrub. Made in Bali with globally sourced ingredients, these new lip care products

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Stunning Looks For A Stunning Summer

Comfort should never compromise style, especially during your Bali summer getaways. From the chic look that effortlessly transforms from sandy beach to beachside restaurants for the ladies, to the relaxed, summer looks for the gentlemen that are sure to impress, here’s our stylish picks that will have you looking fab while you soak up the


Fine Craftsmanship: Unique Souvenirs in Bali

Bali is well-known as an arts and crafts island, and much of its towns and villages seem to be teeming with artists’ workshops and galleries. Indeed, visiting Bali’s cultural hubs to get a piece of that uniquely Bali souvenir is definitely a worthy effort. But when time is an issue, you can get that little


Laluna Spreads Their Island Style and Opens New Store in Canggu

Highlighting sophisticated and contemporary interiors, Laluna has recently opened its third store in Canggu. Designed to reflect the brand’s aesthetic of intimate, personal and summer vibes, this store features tropical elegance through architectural and interior concepts, aiming to unify all the lines in a large, single dynamic space, significantly improving the customer experience. The concept

Sea Gypsy’s Dreamlike Jewellery

Taking inspiration from ocean adventures, dreamy landscapes, a nomadic spirit and the curious heart, the collection of Sea Gypsy Jewelry represents the exotic beauty of Bali. Immerse yourself in the aesthetic of sacred geometry and symbols, unique stones from around the globe and the incredible detail in silver work crafted by the talented Sea Gypsy

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Volcom Launches Ryan Burch Collection

Creating products for those who are persistently true to their passions, Volcom is announcing the release of a unique apparel collection from San Diego’s surfer, Ryan Burch. As a sought-after board shaper who merges the craftsmanship and know-how of the past with a progressive vision of the future, Ryan’s original artwork features a limited-edition capsule

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