Into the Hills of Pupuan, Untouched Bali

This beautifully landscaped area is just where to go if you long for tranquility and relaxation, and if you would like to experience Bali in its own special and traditional nature. Despite its natural breathtaking beauty, Pupuan still hasn’t made it to many travellers’ bucket list of places to visit in Bali – I’m guessing

Namhar Hernanto

Experiencing Labuan Bajo with Ayana Komodo Resort

This tropical jewel box remained a secret for years, only explored by those willing to go off the popular travel map to discover hidden gems away from the tourist masses. Now that infrastructure has been improved and the tourism industry is maturing, Labuan Bajo has gained a reputation as a must-visit destination with many predicting

Do You Know What an Authentic Experience Is?

Hello and welcome to Bali. I’m sorry about the technical question above but it will become relevant to you as you explore this marvellous island. There is a fascination – no, an obsession – of governments around the world to drive increasing numbers of tourists to their best destinations to increase their economic benefit and

Atlantis Beach Club in Labuan Bajo 2

Atlantis Beach Club: The Best Beach Club in Labuan Bajo

If you thought beach clubs were reserved for the likes of Bali then you’re highly mistaken! It’s no secret that Flores is the new ‘it’ island destination in Indonesia, boasting azure waters, vibrant corals and a wild landscape. Whilst hotels, resorts and yachts have added interest to the island, another pull has been Atlantis Beach Club,

Bijoux Bajo: Exploring Flores in Style

Once a regency of sleepy fishing villages with empty white sand beaches and bay islands, Manggarai on the island of Flores in East Nusa Tenggara is now on the verge of becoming the next “it” tourism destination in Indonesia. Its extraordinary marine life is definitely an attraction, but more so are its unspoiled, off-the-beaten-track natural

The Green Belts of North Sumatra

Indonesia’s third largest province, North Sumatra is where Toba, Earth’s biggest volcanic caldera, formed around 1.3 million years ago. Incredibly diverse and still relatively untouched by tourism, it is a place with awe-inspiring wonders that one must visit at some point in their lives. We put together a curated list of three natural attractions in

Coastal area of the West Bali National Park

West Bali: Menjangan, Bull Races and the Rice Bowl of Bali

The West of Bali is no less charming than the more famous, vibrant parts of the island that are well advertised. What makes this part of the island unforgettable? First of all, your quest to the west begins with a vast rolling paddy terrace that starts from the higher ground down to the beach where the

The Mini Borobudur at Brahmavihara Arama Buddist Monastery

North Bali: Hotsprings, Lovina and Buddhist Enclaves

North Bali’s mainstay are its rolling green hills and the authentic and traditional Balinese villages dotted across the region. Gaze upon the hills stippled with flowers and the picturesque rice fields while the local village children greet you with genuine smiles and warmth. I find it rather odd to learn that a place as beautiful

Getting Around Bali: Rules, Tricks and Tips

Being a relatively small island, it’s easy to get around Bali. But before you hit the road and ex-plore the countryside, we thought we’d share a few basic dos and don’ts that we think will help you to better understand the Island of the Gods and how things roll here. 1. Menstruating women, and women

Pleasant Surprises Along the Sanur Bypass

The Sanur Bypass is indeed one of the busiest roads on the island, being a convenient access to connect the island’s south and the popular Ubud along with other attractions in Greater Gianyar. But many might think that there is not much to see along the road. And so we recently took a trip down

Lombok: An Escape Across the Wallace Line

  The warmth of the sun, the wind in hair, and a good book to read, my voyage to Lombok was filled with sunny days, and warm breezes. The short geographical distance between Bali and Lombok can hardly represent the actual differences between these two islands. Lombok has a drier, more arid environment, and having

Going on a Bali Road Trip

There is something extremely exciting about hitting the road with your closest chums. Exploring the unknown, experiencing something new and sharing it with a friend or two – it doesn’t get bet-ter than that! Touring Bali, if you are uninformed and unlucky, can be tiring and uninspiring; crammed into a small car visiting the same

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