Green Cycling Through Ubud

For some people, travelling is only about finding new spots for Instagram or Facebook posts. However, travelling will only make a difference when you get new adventures or experiences. Cycling in Ubud can be an idea to be considered. Popularly known as the ‘Town of the Artists’, Ubud is one such place on this island

Viceroy Bali

A Bali Resort Wins Condé Nast Traveler’s #1 Best Resort in the World 2018

The Condé Nast Traveler is perhaps the world’s most trusted and followed luxury travel magazine. One of its most popular yearly campaigns is their Readers Choice Awards, where a global audience has their say in their favourite destinations around the world.  In this year’s Best Resorts in the World, there were 429,000 entrants, and as

Ayung Terrace

Eat Streets of Bali : Ubud

Dining in Ubud is dedicated to those with a love for culture and music. Well-known for its relaxing ambience, quiet environment and traditional atmosphere, this upland destination has several corners to see besides rice terraces, cultural places and temples. Many of the Ubud restaurants are sophisticated while others are laid-back. Combining dines with wine, views and

Bali : Paradise Lost?

The island we see today has changed dramatically since commercial tourism began in the 1980s. While much of what people hope to see still remains, be it the temples, the dances or the daily ceremonies, the environment around those things has changed. Today’s Bali, with its juxtaposition of old meets new and tradition meets entertainment,

Made in Bali Masons Chocolate Bars

Wine and Chocolate, Made in Bali

Before we take you on a culinary tour through the eat streets of Bali, we’d like to introduce to you two Bali brands that aim to bring the local Indonesian products and produce to the international stage of the food and beverage industry. The two brands take pride in what they do and make, and

Alila Ubud_Chef in the Organic Garden

Take a Balinese Cooking Masterclass in Alila Ubud’s Organic Garden

Honestly, there is no better souvenir than taking home a skill. Especially if that skill can be used time-and-time again to remind you of your experiences, in this case, of Balinese food.  Alila Ubud has long been a destination for authentic experiences, a place to getaway from life’s bustling routine and slow down. With its

Cultural Appreciation : Teaching Kids Balinese Culture

Culture plays an important role in how children make sense of the world around them. Children’s connection to their culture develops through their experiences. As adults, we should help them connect with their cultural identity by supplying warm and secure emotional connections. This helps the young minds build a positive cultural identity for themselves, as

Ubud Run 2018

Following the previous success of last year, Wanconvex and Running Explorer are back in collaboration to invite runners all over the island to enjoy the nature of Ubud with all its beauty. Carrying the theme ‘Connecting Your Soul Into Nature’, Ubud Run 2018 will attract more local people and a strong culture of Ubud. Available

Liap Liap Ubud Bali

Liap Liap: Ubud’s Newest Restaurant Exploring Indonesia’s Indigenous Grills

Indonesian food is on the rise – that is a fact. Previous obsessions with foreign cuisine have in the last year flipped 180 degrees, seeing both homegrown and international chefs turn their interests back towards the Indonesian archipelago, known for its famous spice islands. Restaurants and kitchen creatives are reviving the nation’s favourite dishes, either

Padi Restaurant Butter Poached Lobster

Padi Restaurant : Pesco-Vegetarian Fine Dining

Padi Fine Dining Restaurant is found hidden under the entrance bridge of Desa Visesa Ubud Resort. Here, hanging above a flowing river between two valleys, celebrated Chef Mandif Warokka has introduced a gorgeous, fine dining pesco-vegetarian menu – a first of its kind on the island.  On top of enjoying a specialised menu, the restaurant sources

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