Meditation : Do We Really Need To?

From Rishikesh to Lhasa, from LA to Ubud, Meditation is the rage.  Those who don’t actually get down to it, can talk about it, which is almost the same thing! From the Tibetan lamas who spend their lives in a semi meditative state, to those who dabble now and then, meditation is the key.  Said

Those Wild Men of Karangasem

There I was, far from home, surrounded by hundreds of wild eyed men, each brandishing a wicked looking Kris – the killer dagger used in many countries of the Asian world. While the scene sounds slightly surreal, strangely enough, it was far from dangerous! These beautiful folk were all in deep trance, as part of

Metatah : A Balinese Teeth Filing (Done with Style)

Its not every day that some well placed person in Ubud society organises a huge metatah or tooth filing ceremony for her greater family, it was an affair to remember. Without mentioning any names, the event took place at the popular Honeymoon Guest House where twenty two children or young adults had their front teeth filed

Peppers and Spice – and All Things Nice

“You must try Peppers” they said. “Its fabulous!” So try it I did. Arriving hot and discombobulated after a baby Gojek driver from Flores took me all over south Bali, I was in serious need of soothing. Even though I was late for my appointment, they handled me with gracious aplomb and led me into

The Children of Bali

The children of Bali are like a special breed. Smart, cheeky and often devout, they enliven every day with their cheeky attitudes. When Robert Koke, author of “Our house in Bali” in the ‘40’s, revisited Bali after an absence of almost 40 years, he was asked if he found Bali had much changed. His reply was

Balinese Culture

Bali’s Bizarre and Beautiful: Costumes of Culture

While the Balinese seem to go about their daily lives in a fairly normal way, in reality it is just a cover. What they really like to do is attend ceremonies and functions where they can dress up! Bali is a culture where the adherents just love to get put on costumes. From an early

Jumping for Joy at Jamie’s

Our trusted food contributor, Ayu Sekar, heads to Jamie’s Italian Bali to see what the ‘Naked Chef’ has on offer here on the island of the gods. Warning, reading may cause hunger:  Enjoying the legacy of the Celebrity chef, Jamie Oliver, one of the outposts of Jamie’s empire can be found within the bounds of

Rejuvie Bali: An Uplifting Experience

Bali is full of surprises with always something new and exciting to discover. Not only is there great entertainment, great food, fabulous beaches, wonderful hotels, relaxing massages, but there are also beauty clinics dotted all around Denpasar and  out to Seminyak.  One can get plenty of life enhancing and face enhancing things done while here

The Melasti of the Full Moon

It looked almost like an Indian Kumbh Mela with the whole of Bali’s southeast coast covered with people dressed in white. Right to the misty distance, penjors and processions could be seen proceeding along the wave drenched coastline.  Dressed in their ceremonial best, the Balinese came from villages near and far to pray and be

Coming Clean: The Melukat Cleanse

It’s six thirty am and we are meeting at the carpark of Tirtha Empul, Bali’s most well known holy spring. This Hindu Balinese water temple in the cool highlands founded in 942 AD sees hundreds of visitors a day, coming to do a melukat or ritual cleanse. Surrounded by bathing pools and old growth trees

Taksu Spa: Wellness Has Many Faces

In the midst of Ubud’s vibrant new age, wellness scene, Taksu sits serenely amidst a jungle setting. A river runs through its centre and the tropical atmosphere seeps into every corner. Taksu has become a healing centre, spa centre and yoga centre like no other. This is the place where specialised yoga practitioners teach small

In Need of Refuge: The Other Side of the Volcano

  While visitors in the south brave Bali’s holiest mountain, the volcanic, Gunung Agung continues to engage, fascinate and terrify visitors and Balinese alike. But in fact for visitors, their lives are little affected by the volcano’s activity as there is not much effect except a possible rare delayed flight and even that is not

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