Go! Curry Takes On Beachwalk

Following its tremendous success in Jakarta, GO!CURRY opened its doors in Bali in June 2014 bringing a refreshing culinary concept to the island. The restaurant caters to all taste preferences with a wide range of base dishes including Classic Brown Curry, Red Curry, Green Curry and Rogan Josh Curry. This is then paired with a

Uniquely Bali

Bali is famous as an arts and crafts island, and much of its towns and villages seem to be teeming with artists’ workshops and galleries. The works of art created by these artists tell the most basic routines of daily life. This is why if you visit different parts of the island, you’ll encounter a

Find Your Own Ideal Balance At Anantara Seminyak Resort & Spa

As part of Anantara Hotels, Resorts & Spas worldwide new Balance wellness concept, AnantaraSeminyak Resort & Spa, Bali is proud to launch a range of holistic yoga, spa and energy healing experiences, as well as a raw juice menu, in a revitalising setting for health and wellbeing. The resort now offers three new holistic Balance

The Bali Balance

Bali Balance, a new edition to the BatuBelig area has opened its doors end of January, and offers pure, local and chemical free wellness products for your face, body, hair and senses. The products range from body wash, lotions, massage oils, all made with organic essential oils, to face serums, night oils, lip balm, organic

Let’S Go Hog Wild At The New Wild Bar!

Go hog wild and get thrilled with a new range of fanciful cocktails at Hog Wild in Bali! Apple and Rujak Martinis are crafted for the health-crazy geeks, mixed with apple juice and fresh pineapples. For those who can’t get wild enough, order the Hot Piggy or Wild Sugar Martini twisted with infused chili (hot

An Exceptional Journey Into the World of Art

The Balinese, as many of us know, are true artisans by nature. From carving, sculpting, painting and building, the skills that are passed down the generations are valued components of their heritage. It is therefore of no surprise that visual art has become such a core part of the island’s culture. Then again, what do

The Journey of Self-Discovery

“We travel, some of us forever, to seek other places, other lives, other souls.” – Anais Nin In the realm of exceptional travels, perhaps the most exciting journey to go on is the one that starts with the discovery of the self. What we experience and what changes us when we travel are the results

Devoted Island

Have you ever stopped to think about devotion? It’s an interesting word isn’t it? Not exactly used every day, we talk about how our friend is “devoted” to his mother, or vice versa, but rarely apart from that. Devoted means having a dedication to something or someone, it means putting that objective above our own

Things I Like

This cute little shop is filled to the brim with trinkets – it will especially keep hoarders of vintage good content! Owned by a Bali-based PR maven Yoke Darmawan, the shop, called “Things I Like” is decidedly more refined (without being pretentious) than its neighbours. From fresh flowers to home decorations, and knick-knacks to jewelries,

The Moslem Saints of Bali

If you follow Western news a little too much, you’ll be aware of the fear of Islam; what you hear about is terrorism and fundamentalism, and the spectre of a conflict of civilization. But if you read the article below, which is about the cult of the 7 Moslem saints in Bali, the Wali Pitu, you will

Soles With Soul

Since 2010, Indosole has consciously sourced tires from the islands of Indonesia and transformed them into soles without the use of any fuel-powered machines – just strong hands and minds. To date, the company has repurposed over 28,000 tires and hopes to one day save 1 million. “Men ’s Prahu Boat Shoe” “Women ‘s Kelapa

Master Puppeteers Take Centerstage At Conrad’S 2Nd Living Lobby Art Exhibition

Award-winning luxury beachfront resort, Conrad Bali launches the second of its Living Lobby Art Exhibition Series throughout this month. This time, the exhibition showcases the ancient shadow puppet art of wayang with an exhibition and workshop by two master puppeteers, I Ketut Sudan and I WayanWija. I KetutSudiana, otherwise known as Sudiana, one of Indonesia’s

The Grand Bali Agung Show

The Bali Theatre sits in the lush tropical jungle in the heart of the island prestigious attraction, the well-known 40-hectare Bali Safari & Marine Park in Gianyar, and promises a mind-blowing show that combines traditional dance performances and costumes and features several special animals from hornbills, to cheetahs and even elephants. Known as the “Bali

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