“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. The quote puts it right in place. Playing is without a doubt every child’s birth right. It comes to them naturally, and they are the best at it. But nevertheless, playing should not be taken casually. When inculcated with a sense of strong discipline and healthy regime, it keeps the mind and body fit and sound. Some kids display great passion towards sports and specific physical activities. This should not be neglected. All kids should be given a chance to pursue their dream, the sport which they enjoy playing and have a natural flair to excel at. They might fail in the beginning, be slow while learning, but with continuous motivation, determination and dedications, it is noticed that most of the kids outclass in the sport activities.


There is a wide range of activities fit for kids from all age groups on this feature-rich island. The best things to do with kids range from nature activities, thrilling animal parks and safaris, surging, river rafting up in the valleys, wakeboarding and water sports down by the coastline. The list to choose from are just endless. But if your kids are of the passionate kind and looking for some serious sports, Junior Sports Academy (JSA) at Canggu is where they should be. The sports programmes are designed especially for children aged 3 to 17 years. Programmes here identifies the uniqueness of each child and helps them to shine in what they desire to. The games played, the experiences shared are all aimed to understand each child at a personal level and at the same time ensure fun, learning and most importantly, safety. A strict timetable is followed ensuring proper training. Regular classes after school as well as vacation workshops are conducted.


There is a huge list of activities to choose for your little ones. Gymnastics is categorised at 4 levels. Gymini for Kindergym (3 – 6 years), Gymstart for beginners (6+ years), Gymnastics at all levels (5+ years) and Gymskill for intermediate and advanced squads. Use of varied equipment like beam, rings and trampolines ensure balance, flexibility and coordination of the kid’s motor skills. All levels of cart wheels, handstands, rolling, swinging, jumping, climbing, trampolining, martial arts, Qi Gong and life coaching are taught under expert trainers. Private lessons can also be opted for. Please note that for this activity students should wear t-shirts and club shorts with hair neatly tied and bare foot. Trampolining is available at all levels for kids above 6 years. Kids will learn correct trampolining tricks like jumping alignment, back and stomach drops, wall runs, twists, grabs, backdrop to backflips in this high coordination training. It is conducted thrice a week at different time slots.


If your kids have always enjoyed the water, then they will love the Swimming classes. Sessions are available for Beginners, Intermediates, Advanced, Baby Swim and Private Toddlers. The kids will be taught numerous swimming strokes, competition diving and racing, all intended to increase their stamina and coordination. The Bay Swim is a fun concept where tiny ones of only 3 months can be accompanied with parents or nannies to develop their love for swimming. Classes are available every day from Monday to Saturday.


The extremely popular sport in this academy is soccer. Conducted thrice a week for kids who are 4 to 9+ years, children thoroughly enjoy these sessions where they are groomed to play matches and games to enforce the feel of competition and sportsmanship. Matches are held on Sunday based on availability of pitch and local teams.


Owing to immense demand for one of the world’s most popular sports, Rugby, Bali Chilli’s run early evening sessions from 4PM to 5PM only on Wednesday. Under the alert eye of the expert coaches, kids are trained professionally to play Rugby at a professional level. Participants are bound to enjoy these active sessions which prepares them for games and tournaments.


Tennis is another most played sport in JSA. It is played from Monday to Saturday with a large number of morning and evening slots. The tennis academy is categorically split into four levels, Red, Orange, Green and Yellow to develop junior players from beginners to advanced players. The court sizes, rackets and tennis balls vary for each level. Players are trained from 45 minutes to 2 hours, depending on their level. The kids are working on correct services, shots, fitness and tactics so they can compete in tournaments both inside the club and outside.

The rates at Junior Sports Academy are starting at IDR 90,000, depend on the level of sports the kids are enrolled for. Generous discounts are available for members.


This academy makes sure that each child is given the deserved attention. And though discipline and routine is emphasised on, it is also made sure that the kids interact, make friends and thoroughly enjoy these sessions without getting bogged down by whether they are winning or losing in a game. The correct spirit of sportsmanship is inculcated in a simple, fun-loving way so that kids are motivated to perform their best yet accept defeat with dignity and strive harder. The best detoxification or distressing method for a kid can only be sports played with genuine interest and an eagerness to learn. Sports ensure the complete mental, physical and emotional development of any child, and should always be made an intricate part of their lives. As for the kids, “It never gets easier. You only get better.”

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Joannes Rhino

Joannes Rhino

Joannes Rhino is a Editor in NOW! Bali Magazine