As one of the most renowned titans in the Indonesian beer industry, the BINTANG Beer brand has continually strived to provide the best beer-drinking experience to consumers across Indonesia for over seven decades. Through one of its beer varieties, known as the ‘sessionable’ beer – BINTANG Crystal, the brand held an exciting event in Bali with BINTANG Crystal Sunscape.

Held from 28 to 29 June 2024 at Double Six Beach, BINTANG Crystal Sunscape presented an interactive experience curated to spoil visitors through relaxed sunset moments with a chill session in the BINTANG Crystal style. The two-day event presented visitors with a unique sunset experience that engaged their five senses with an immersive Sunset Activation experience. Additionally, the event was enlivened by exciting performances from international and local musical talents, creating an unforgettable sunset experience.

Jessica Setiawan, Marketing Director of Multi Bintang Indonesia, stated, “Bali and BINTANG Beer have had a close relationship for a long time, and BINTANG continues to be a favourite beer among the local Balinese community. BINTANG Crystal is a beer with a smooth taste that’s not overly bitter, making it perfect for relaxing moments like enjoying the sunset. This is the main reason why we are bringing BINTANG Crystal Sunscape to Bali. We hope everyone can fully experience a sunset chill through the interactive activities and special performances we have prepared.”

BINTANG Crystal was created as a way for people to find the time to unwind and relax amidst their busy lives. Sunsets are often associated with laidback moments to wind down, and BINTANG Crystals’ smooth flavour is crafted to exude a relaxed experience akin to sunsets, anytime and anywhere.

The BINTANG Crystal Sunscape was organised to present the ultimate chill experience with several activations:

The Crystal Dome: A Dome That Stimulates the 5 Senses

BINTANG Crystal Sunscape 8

One of the event’s highlights is the Crystal Dome, which was designed to provide an immersive experience to engage the five senses, including sight, hearing, touch, smell, and taste. Several interesting activities that visitors were able to enjoy include listening to the sounds of nature through the coconut headset installation, feeling the warmth of sunlight against the skin, trying various aromas through the calming palm oil installation, encouraging the sense of sight by customising glasses and tie-dye shirts, and of course, enjoying BINTANG Crystal or special cocktails that were presented to complete the sunset experience.

A Lineup of Special Performances at the BINTANG Crystal Sunscape Stage

BINTANG Crystal Sunscape 9

Over the two-day event, visitors got to enjoy the golden sunset whilst serenaded by music performances from international and local talents alike. Several of the lineup include performances by Kirollus, Mairakilla, PNNY, ESCAPE, Bottle Smoker, Sergio Berlino’s special collaboration with Masguna (SALA), Paddy Grooves, Faktta, and Jeremy Jay.

Capturing Memorable BINTANG Crystal Moments

The event also allowed visitors to capture their best sunset moments, where every corner of the BINTANG Crystal Sunscape provided Instgrammable backdrops. Visitors were also able to bring home trendy high-angle photos at the Sunscape Landmark booth for free.

BINTANG Beer always encourages all consumers to enjoy beer responsibly. The two-day event took place from 4pm onwards and was open to visitors 21 years old and above. For more information on the BINTANG Crystal Sunscape event, follow their official Instagram account.

NOW Bali Editorial Team

NOW Bali Editorial Team

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