Eastern Promises in Ubud

Ah the promises of the east. The mystery, the allure, the food is always exotic. Always, there is a tang of some exotic spice, or, in the case of Japanese, the intricate preparation with the amazing attention to detail. Today we visit two Japanese restaurants, each very different in philosophy and presentation. Ryoshi is already

Ayu Sekar

Refined Dining Experiences

Despite the huge rise in Bali’s food scene, which now bustles with all-day breakfast establishments, health cafes and niche dining spots, a fine dining experience remains a hard find. Fine dining requires impeccable service, polished furnishings, a unique dining atmosphere and, of course, food that stirs and stimulates the eyes, mounth and even mind of

The Patriotic Flavours of Republik 45

Longing for an authentic, world-class Indonesian restaurant? Many come to Bali in search of Indonesian flavours, a restaurant that has the right space for decadent dinners, intimate dates or memorable group gatherings. Republik 45 is one such place that seems to have it all. Found on Jalan Raya Kerobokan, Republik 45 breaks away from the

Ubud’s Old Gold

Ubud has embraced raw with a vengeance and every week sees a new Raw restaurant opening up. Sage, Moksa, was last week, this week who knows. Yet long before the raw revolution arrived to change Ubud’s restaurant face forever, there were places producing great cooked food, the classics, the ones we love. New places come

The Flavours of Jungle Fish

Is it a jungle? Are there fish? Well only on the menu of their delightful Mediterranean restaurant looking over an expansive valley where the River Osh flows quietly by below. Actually, even though everyone knows it as Jungle Fish, the resort is properly called Chapung Se Bali Resort & SPA but for the sake of

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