As they say, another year older is another year wiser. Finns Beach Club turns one years old on the 1st of June and you can be sure that even with only 1 year under their belt they’re wise enough to throw a big birthday bash to celebrate!

Finns Beach Club Birthday

Starting at 9pm, Finns is turning up the excitement with a lineup that exceeds expectations. Why, you might ask? Because Finns says that even if it’s their birthday, they’re giving us the birthday present. Yes, in Indonesian tradition, giving on your birthday is the way to go and on their party Finns is giving out 1000 FREE drinks cards – and that’s just one of the gifts.

Also on the agenda, hoping to add a little colour to the party, expect to see face paint and body art, stilt walkers to add that carnival feel, dancers, fireworks, party food and, as always, a late night dip in the pool because it’s a Bali party after all. A great DJ lineup and beach party tunes goes without saying.

Finns Beach Club

Winning multiple awards within its first year of opening, Finns has made sure that everyone who came, saw and conquered its picturesque Beach Club has been delighted by all their senses. The sight of Finns’ breathtaking scenery, smell of their world class food, taste of their delicious cocktails, sound of their live music combined with the best Berawa waves, and the feel of its electric ambience is no surprise why Finns was voted as Bali’s Best Beach Club. But now, not even your sixth sense will guess what happens next as Finns recreates itself as one of Bali’s hottest nightlife destination.

Don’t miss this huge party that will kick of the summer season. Aren’t birthday bashes just the best?

This event is free entry, but you can sign up online for your free drinks vouchers.

Finns Beach Club Birthday bash

Edward Speirs

Edward Speirs

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