We usually follow a similar pattern in life. We then repeat this a certain number of times. Then, we call this our ‘normal life;.

It is still normal, even when one country in the world has a virus that kills hundreds to thousand of people. Though embellished with a surreal feeling, knowing that it exists in the distance by watching it on digital media.

This fantasy turns into reality when the virus approaches our own country and spreads as a pandemic. It all started in December, 2019, in Wuhan, China, and now it has created worldwide chaos.

Ever since, the virus has intruded ever closer to our everyday life, sometimes as close as our own neighbourhood.

Bali started its massive prevention from the mid-March, especially a day after Nyepi where village authorities locked down their respective areas based on the Bali Governor’s order to minimise people’s activity outside the house, helping to prevent the spread of Corona virus in Bali.

Bali implemented the widespread activity limitation. No more 24-hour mini-markets or traditional market, everything should operate between 08.00AM – 09.00PM in Denpasar.  No more open beaches for public, the closure of hotels, tourist attractions and closed routes in and out from Bali from 24 April to 31 May 2020.

Since then, we already left the normal life that we used to know.

Far less physical touching, because the virus could be on one of the things that we’ve touched  recently. More digital financial transactions since the virus can stay for hours on cash money. Online couriers turn out to be a solution for the one who wants to stay at home.

Mask as the simplest protective gear to prevent the virus becomes a new fashion item.

Mass tourism that builds and destroys the island turns silent; all the dollars remain in the tourist’s pocket. 

Big businesses collapse, work from home for certain people, more unemployment, and social issues surrounding the stigma of positive corona virus cases rise, with people considering them ‘dirty.

On the other hand, the virus has helped the world recover from destruction that humans have made, especially with the industrial carbon from factories.

A more nature-friendly lifestyle has gained popularity, including the under appreciated agricultural industry that sustains our life.

The glorious Balinese rituals back to the essence as a simple offering to the God and ancestors.

People take care of each other’s  needs, growing the human spirit.

This is a new normal under the corona pandemic and will still evolve.

Change is eternal. After this we will enter a new ‘normal’. Because the definition of normal is always changing.