Whilst the future of “normal” schooling on the island is still uncertain, and many students remain in ‘distanced learning’ programs, this has led to creative and unique ways of providing services and fulfilling promises. Throughout the pandemic, the Bali Island School has endeavoured to provide the same level of attention for the students, including their recently held ‘Virtual University Fair’.

Held on 25 September 2020, the Virtual University Fair – appropriately titled ‘The Show Must Go On’ – had 80 universities in attendance with students from all around Indonesia taking part, including their sister school, SMA 6, and Canggu Community School. 

University fairs are an important event for students, especially those in high-school, as it gives them the exposure necessary to make informed decisions for their next step in life. So, with schools closed, students were likely worried about the loss of this great pportunity.

However, thanks again to new technologies, Bali Island School manage to create a platform that further broadened the potential of their usual university fair.

Students chose from thirty-two workshops and had an opportunity to meet individually and in small groups with university representatives.

“A big positive of the fair was that it introduced me to various universities that I would have otherwise not considered. It was a great opportunity for me to explore the different programs offered by universities from all over the world, as it exposed me to the multitude of paths that I could take once I’ve graduated.” Shared Zidlji, a Grade 11 student at BIS.

“The workshops I attended were hosted by the University of Essex and St. Thomas University. I also spoke with representatives from the University of Sydney, Iowa State University, University of Glasgow, University of Toronto, and the University of British Columbia.”

The BIS Virtual University Fair offers great insight into the different opportunities offered by each university for prospective students. The goal for the school is to their prepare students for entry into the University that will provide each student with the “best fit” and a life of learning after graduation. www.baliislandschool.com


NOW Bali Editorial Team

NOW Bali Editorial Team

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